Lady Thief and Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen


Scarlet and Lady Thief

Author: A.C Gaughen


I Am going to admit I am a Robin Hood nut and as a child I would pretend to shoot bows and arrows using my moms metal hanger and make twigs into arrow. So whenever someone writes a Robin Hood story I can’t help but read the book.  I have read some seriously crap and some really fun.  Scarlet and Lady Thief are a fun twist on Robin Hood and his marry men.

Scarlet is the first in a trilogy the reader meets Will Scarlet who is a girl with a secret she doesn’t want anyone to not even Robin Hood. She dresses like a lad, steals from those who have more and gives to those she cares about. She is the calming voice for Robin and he tries to deny his feeling for her.

A.C. Gaughen uses grammar and language that was used during the time period making the story come alive.  I would recomand this novel to my thirteen year old niece because there is no language, sex but the voliance might be consider at pg13.

Lady Thief takes place a few months after Scarlet where Robin is dealing with the stress of healing after he was tortured at the end of Scarlet. Scarlet wants to take away his pains but soon finds herself protecting herself physically and emotional from Robins demons that follow him. She finds herself living once again with the nobles.  To follow her heart she makes a deal with the devil himself her husband Guy of Gisbourne and promised to play his wife in Nottingham. While there she finds out a secret that changes everything and nothing will ever be the same.  I want to tell you but I can’t because that would totally kill the book for you so sorry.

I loved how the author used some of the folklore every Robin Hood lover knows and adds some fun twist.  Again the author uses her time period to make for some cringe worthy moments that make you wonder how any one survived the middle ages. I love the fact the author used the time period correctly with language, imaginary and setting. I have a love hate relationship with this book and  don’t want to give away any hidden goodies but trust me you will LOVE some parts of this books and others you will hate and wonder where the author is going to take the third book?  This book had romance, kissing but its something today’s thirteen year old see and read.

I am excited to read the third in the series and I will tell you there were some moments where I wanted to throw my kindle on the floor and yell No Way!  if you loved the first you will love this one as well.


Finishd a book but other thoughts are flooding with emotion

How do you say good bye to a love one? I was married 10 years ago and on that day my mom pulled me into her arms and told me to love my mother in love as much I love my mom. From that day to the present I took it to heart and I call my mother in law mom.  Not saying she replaced my mom but she became my second mom who I have come to love for the wonderful example of love she has shown me.  I married her third child and lets be honest he did everything his parents have ever asked of him so he beloved.  It took us some time to get to know each other well and to be honest my husband announced out engagement after only after four month so it came as quite a shock to her. (Its normal in my family short engagements are the best the groom can’t run for the hills after he meet the six other sibling he will be sharing me with.)

I traveled with her, cooked with her, lived in the same house as her and I soon started to love my mother in law and would do anything for her.

End of June beginning of July 2013 life came to a stop and life stood still for several weeks. My mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  The woman hadn’t smoke a day in her life and works out every day and according to the doctor expect for the cancer she is extremely healthy.  I watched as my husband and his family struggled with the news and I decided I wouldn’t let it take me down.  No matter what anyone said, no matter the test results I could be the positive voice in the room.  Ever test result came back more and more negative giving my Mother In Law my mom 6 weeks to 6 months to live and after 10 years I saw my mother in law cry.  She lost her fourth child to brain cancer a the age of 17 and now she would lose her life to cancer at the age of 65.  She started with Chemo with nearly took her life as she slept 18 hours a day just trying to sit up took too much energy and I watched as my father in law never left her side.  I can see guilty scream across his face every day so when I do see my mother in law my mom I try hard to be the Pollyanna she has always called me. 50 years of marriage has been put to the test and nothing will separate them.

When she decided to shave her head I offered to do it even though I had never taken scissor to anyone’s head but my own at the tender age of six.  She decided to spare me from tears and went and had it cut.  I was impressed by her strength she as she told me the hair stylist love the shape of her head and I have to agree she looks great bald.  A little white but great.

Ever negative test month after month started to depress my mother and father in law but I remind them she was still with us. Christmas came and went New Years came and went and every thing seem to be looking up and she was talking about Next Christmas and what she wanted me to sing for her and I agreed.  Than the following week she was sick, lost her strength and desire to eat once more. I kept up a good front but even inside I was crying know this will be her last Christmas her on earth.  We joke about how her Son martin can wait a few more months to see her so she can make Hudson and Bennett her two newest grandchildren 1st birthdays in May and august. I miss her smile, I miss her laugh I miss seeing her chase, cuddle and love the my kids her grandchildren and I can see the pain across her face every day we visit her.


Yesterday My husband and my father in law gave my mother in my mom a blessing (LDS) as we stepped out of the house my heart started to beat fast and I found a peaceful sadness flood over my body.  I have cried many times over the news of my mom but yesterday it was different I was sad but with the sadness I felt peace in my heart which I shared with my husbands and four kids.

It almost my birthday and my mother in law my mom went in for more test and the result it came out not looking good.  They will try a few more chemo treatment but by than she need to hospice to come in and take care of her.

I might have had her for only ten years but she was my mom who strengthen me with her unconditional love, too care of her mother in law who she took care of until her dying day, her ability to love ever single holiday and the understanding of the Eternal Plan of God.

She is one of the greatest examples in my life and I will miss her as if she was my own mother because in all honesty she was my mom for the later ten years.  She helped me when my mom was out of the country to move into my first home at 6 month pregnant.  Her held my baby so I could sleep, she loved my daughters as if they were her own.  She gave me hugs when I thought I would fall apart from the little stresses of motherhood and gave me wonderful idea so when my 16year old decides to come home from a date way after curfew he will find me reading a book in his bed.

She is loved and she will be missed by all those who knew her. miracles happen every day and I feel I have been given one for the last 6 months and whatever else time we have together here on this earth we will do our bet to enjoy it.


My son told me today he has decided to become a doctor to find a cure for cancer because he is tired of people dying “Its so not cool mom and I will find the cure so no one else will dye as long as I am alive.” Gotta love 7 years old faith.

Three year olds hold all the power


(not me but this has happen countles times in my life.)

I have decided three years hold all the power in the world.  I spend my day chasing my three year old around trying to get her to potty train and nothing I say or do will change the fact she won’t sit on the damn potty.  I have offered endless chocolate I know I know please parents she’s my third and chocolate isn’t going to kill her. I offered her a new bike like her sister still nothing. Yes I posted a picture of the princess bike by the potty so she knows what she will get.  Than my husband offered to buy babies dream house if she would no longer wear diaper. Fast forward to yesterday and I offered my daughter a Swiss cake roll every time she went potty and she went twice and never again.

She shakes her stinky backside at me every time she poops and the rest of the day the house smells like poop.  I never change her pee diaper because “I don’t mind pee mom.” Seriously? I’ve tried cloth diaper same thing and I have read ever damn book on the market.

I know. I know she won’t potty train until she’s ready but I’m tried of changing adult size turds while changing another tiny butt (8month old brother)

She cute, sweet never stops talking little three year old but she refuses to let go of the control she holds over me. Save me!

I dream of the day when my life will no longer be ruled by dirty diapers and I know it will be a happy day.

I know I know every mom says “You will miss this.”

Really I will miss the poopie diapers, endless nights of never getting more than two hours of sleep, misbehaving and wondering if my hubby and start to get busy is someone going it come into our room with a nightmare? Nope I don’t think I will miss that.

I will miss being able to kiss a hurt and make it go away, I will miss the endless kisses and since of wonderment as the discover something new. I will miss the random kisses, I love you and snuggle times but I won’t miss my house smelling like poop.

I’m a proud mom of a 7,5,3 year olds and one crawling 8 month old I wouldn’t change it I just wish I had been better informed at 27 when I had my first one.

The true questions is had I been better informed would I have had not just one but four tiny people who control my ever waking moment?

Yes! Motherhood and being a stay at home mom is awesome but than again it could be the lucky of sleep taking over my brain.


Whiskey Rebellion Addison Holmes Mysterys




Title: Whisky Rebelling

Author: Liliana Hart

First off I am not into books with expect sex scene because I find them uncomfortable so you might be asking why I picked up Liliana Hart book since most of her books are explicit sex scene or erotica. I just couldn’t pass up a mystery where the woman is a high school history teacher looking for ice cream to calm her nerves and always seems to find herself in trouble.

Addison is flawed but in a cute fun way that makes the reader side with her right away. Addison needs a second income to buy the house of her dreams and decides to try her hand at stripping but as soon as her career as a stripper started as fast as it ended with the discovery of her high school principle dead in the parking lot. Her first thought was to down as much Jack as she could to forget the fact that the school board would find out what she was doing. Her best friend gives her a job as surveillance work and she meets a detective who can’t seem to stay away.

It was a free book from Kindle which is how I like to find a new author. I’m cheap sue me I have four kids to put though college in the next eighteen years.  I was hook from the second she made a emergency run to get her Dairy Queen ice cream to when she finds out who murdered her high school principle. Liliana Hart knows how to create tension both sexual and physical with a who done it serrano. I loved the book from beginning to end and I quickly bought the next two to see how my girl Addison was doing after the end of this book.  I loved the next three books and can’t wait for book four which come out August 2014.

Oh boy is there sex in his book and it is not for the faint of heart. It’s hot and steamy but not nearly as graphic as some of her other books.  I found this book to be well written the characters to be well developed and I cheered Addison hoping for her to find her happiness and future.
In a nut shell you will laugh, sigh, giggle and might want to improve your sex life after reading this book.

January Kills Me Book Review


Title: January Kills Me

Author: Evan Katy

Star 5 out of 5


Samantha Rialto, middle school music teacher, is trying to pick up some extra cash after her divorce from her abusive ex-cop husband but what should have been a simple job turned deadly. Samantha simple wants to make enough money to buy a new camera and enjoy life but when she witnessed the murder of her client’s husband and his paid “date”, she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble and on the run from the killer, who now wants her dead.

Evan Katy created a loveable and funny heroine who is surrounded by a cast people who could be your best friends.  Sam find herself in the middle of a mystery she wants nothing to do with but can’t get away from because the Killer seems to be attacking everyone she knows or cares about.  Ben Parker Sam’s ex Husbands partner keeps crossing paths with Sam and after a night of no sleep and lack of food Sam makes a startling confession and Ben Parker hoes from not asking questions to asking all the right question that Sam can’t help but answer.  Ben soon finds himself blaming Sam for what happened in his ex-partners life to being drawn into Sam hoping to keep her safe.

Sam has an inner monolog that never seems to be inner causing for omen really funny moments that will cause the reader to laugh out loud.

Being a mystery Romance as always there is a love triangle but instead of being annoying or sappy I found it funny and enjoyable.

Maxie Sam’s best friend is every girls best friend and someone you want by you side though thick and thin. She is a strong person who keep Sam sane when she feels she is losing her mind and well protect Sam at all cost.  Maxie brilliant but also very feisty and wants nothing more than to kick someone butt to prove she is scary.

As I finished the book I was excited to find there were two more and I quickly bought them and enjoy reading them from beginning and end and can’t wait to see what happens next to Sam, Maxie, Ben and the rest of the cast who you can’t help but fall in love with.

This book is a laugh out loud fun read with dark moments that are lighten with humor.  The reader will find themselves reading this book over and over again.  The reader will never guess who the murder(s) are until the end of the book and even than she keeps you guessing until the last page.  I couldn’t put this book down even if I wanted to because it drew me in from the first chapter with the attack of the moth to the very end.

The book is .99 one kindle Amazon and well worth it and more.

Goodreads Reading Challange

I have decided to try Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2014 and I plan to read 55 books this year. Being a mom of four little people you might not think I can’t make this goal but guess what I wait in line to pick my kids up from school everyday for at least fifteen minutes I have quite time to read.  what’s you excuses for not reading? I could say I have a severe learning disability which is true and words float all over the place but it doesn’t stop me from reading.  join me and set a goal to read at least ten books this year outside your normal comfort zone and find a new author to fall in love with.