Calamity Jane Review

Calamity Jane

Title:  Calamity Jayne
Author:   Kathleen Bacus
Review:  If you are looking for a fun pool read this is your series.  The Calamity Jayne series about Tressa Jayne Turner who has taken on the dumb blonde role with pride but as the years have passed Tressa would like people to see her smart and capable.  However no matter how hard she tries to gain respect she has someone constantly reminding her everything she touches turns into a calamity.  Rick Townsend aka Ranger Rick her brothers best friend from childhood, the sexiest DNR officer and the guy who decided to nickname her Calamity. From childhood though high school and now as grown adults Rick never lets Tressa live down her endless calamities that cross her path.
I was six months pregnant getting very little sleep when this book popped up on my recommended to read kindle list.  I am not one for romance books but I thought I would take the plunge and I wasn’t disappointed. This is the first in a six series book and from what I have read the author is planning more to come.
Calamity Jane will pull you into the murder mystery right away when Tressa finds a dead body in the truck of her car along with thousands if dollars in cash.  When Ranger Rick finds a freaked out Tressa she leads him back to the car only to find the dead body missing. Rich doesn’t believe her but Ricks Grandfather Joe believes Tressa and decides that he is the Green Hornet and tags along as Calamity finds more dead bodies.  There are some funny moments with Tressa and Joe that make the reader laugh out loud many times.  The mystery takes so many twit and turns you are not quite sure who the killer id under the author decides and even than it throws the reader for a loop. I found myself laughing out loud so many times my kids wanted to know what was so funny and my husband gave me funny look.
Kathleen Bacus writes a good mystery with enough humor, wit and goofy moments to make the reader laugh even when it id a cringe worth moment. The romance goes from kissing to heavy petting but never sex which I appreciate because the author leaves the reader to use their imagination.
The Author creates a sexual tension between Tressa and Rick that is hard not to fall in love with and the reader will root for the two of them all the way to the last book so far anchors aweigh. I highly recommended these book if you love fun mystery, laugh out loud fun, and a little but of romance mixed it.
Publisher Jan3rd 2006 By Leisure Books
ISBN: 9780505526656
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 326
Quick Review: 5 out of 5 star
Where I obtained the book: Purchased from Kindle.

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