I love Books

I have been helping my sister with her book blog and I found myself reading everything from End of the World, Zombies and more Zombie books, romance, endless bad romance books, great mystery’s, crazy mysteries and truly predictable mystery’s that made me question why they person is writing.  I found myself finding some amazing author who I couldn’t wait to read more and wondered how they are not published to other wondering how the heck did they get published. I decided this blog is for me to write about books I have discovered that I love, enjoy, can’t get enough of and down right disliked that I bought.

I understand authors are people too and have feelings so please remember this is only my thoughts.

I will write reviews on other products I love just because I can.

As for the title admit it all you mom and dads have a hiding place you go to get away from your kids whether we want to admit it or not.  The bathroom doesn’t cut it anymore even with the light off the kids still seem to find me reading, so I find myself reading at all hours of the night to get a little me time but during the day I have a special place I hide where I can still see and hear my kids but they don’t bother me too much.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand as a kid and now as an adult my kindle is always in my hand or in my diaper bag calling my name with at least three books desiring to be read to pull me into another world. I have sever learning disability which according to all the report, document’s, test and other crap they say I shouldn’t be able to read above the 5th grade level. Well I guess I should out down Winds Of War, Plato Dialogues and Kipling after all I am pretty sure they are all above a 5th grade level.

On top of my love for books I love awesome movies (Name it I am sure I have seen it and if I haven’t it because it had bad reviews and even than I might have seen it.) I love to travel, great Chinese food and watching my kids get excited as they read their first book by themselves.

My kids once asked me why I read and I said “Because Books do not talk back, demand food, or pee on the floor. Books only ask for a few hours of my time and take me to a place I will never be able to go in real life.”


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