January Kills Me Book Review


Title: January Kills Me

Author: Evan Katy

Star 5 out of 5


Samantha Rialto, middle school music teacher, is trying to pick up some extra cash after her divorce from her abusive ex-cop husband but what should have been a simple job turned deadly. Samantha simple wants to make enough money to buy a new camera and enjoy life but when she witnessed the murder of her client’s husband and his paid “date”, she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble and on the run from the killer, who now wants her dead.

Evan Katy created a loveable and funny heroine who is surrounded by a cast people who could be your best friends.  Sam find herself in the middle of a mystery she wants nothing to do with but can’t get away from because the Killer seems to be attacking everyone she knows or cares about.  Ben Parker Sam’s ex Husbands partner keeps crossing paths with Sam and after a night of no sleep and lack of food Sam makes a startling confession and Ben Parker hoes from not asking questions to asking all the right question that Sam can’t help but answer.  Ben soon finds himself blaming Sam for what happened in his ex-partners life to being drawn into Sam hoping to keep her safe.

Sam has an inner monolog that never seems to be inner causing for omen really funny moments that will cause the reader to laugh out loud.

Being a mystery Romance as always there is a love triangle but instead of being annoying or sappy I found it funny and enjoyable.

Maxie Sam’s best friend is every girls best friend and someone you want by you side though thick and thin. She is a strong person who keep Sam sane when she feels she is losing her mind and well protect Sam at all cost.  Maxie brilliant but also very feisty and wants nothing more than to kick someone butt to prove she is scary.

As I finished the book I was excited to find there were two more and I quickly bought them and enjoy reading them from beginning and end and can’t wait to see what happens next to Sam, Maxie, Ben and the rest of the cast who you can’t help but fall in love with.

This book is a laugh out loud fun read with dark moments that are lighten with humor.  The reader will find themselves reading this book over and over again.  The reader will never guess who the murder(s) are until the end of the book and even than she keeps you guessing until the last page.  I couldn’t put this book down even if I wanted to because it drew me in from the first chapter with the attack of the moth to the very end.

The book is .99 one kindle Amazon and well worth it and more.


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