Three year olds hold all the power


(not me but this has happen countles times in my life.)

I have decided three years hold all the power in the world.  I spend my day chasing my three year old around trying to get her to potty train and nothing I say or do will change the fact she won’t sit on the damn potty.  I have offered endless chocolate I know I know please parents she’s my third and chocolate isn’t going to kill her. I offered her a new bike like her sister still nothing. Yes I posted a picture of the princess bike by the potty so she knows what she will get.  Than my husband offered to buy babies dream house if she would no longer wear diaper. Fast forward to yesterday and I offered my daughter a Swiss cake roll every time she went potty and she went twice and never again.

She shakes her stinky backside at me every time she poops and the rest of the day the house smells like poop.  I never change her pee diaper because “I don’t mind pee mom.” Seriously? I’ve tried cloth diaper same thing and I have read ever damn book on the market.

I know. I know she won’t potty train until she’s ready but I’m tried of changing adult size turds while changing another tiny butt (8month old brother)

She cute, sweet never stops talking little three year old but she refuses to let go of the control she holds over me. Save me!

I dream of the day when my life will no longer be ruled by dirty diapers and I know it will be a happy day.

I know I know every mom says “You will miss this.”

Really I will miss the poopie diapers, endless nights of never getting more than two hours of sleep, misbehaving and wondering if my hubby and start to get busy is someone going it come into our room with a nightmare? Nope I don’t think I will miss that.

I will miss being able to kiss a hurt and make it go away, I will miss the endless kisses and since of wonderment as the discover something new. I will miss the random kisses, I love you and snuggle times but I won’t miss my house smelling like poop.

I’m a proud mom of a 7,5,3 year olds and one crawling 8 month old I wouldn’t change it I just wish I had been better informed at 27 when I had my first one.

The true questions is had I been better informed would I have had not just one but four tiny people who control my ever waking moment?

Yes! Motherhood and being a stay at home mom is awesome but than again it could be the lucky of sleep taking over my brain.



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