Whiskey Rebellion Addison Holmes Mysterys




Title: Whisky Rebelling

Author: Liliana Hart

First off I am not into books with expect sex scene because I find them uncomfortable so you might be asking why I picked up Liliana Hart book since most of her books are explicit sex scene or erotica. I just couldn’t pass up a mystery where the woman is a high school history teacher looking for ice cream to calm her nerves and always seems to find herself in trouble.

Addison is flawed but in a cute fun way that makes the reader side with her right away. Addison needs a second income to buy the house of her dreams and decides to try her hand at stripping but as soon as her career as a stripper started as fast as it ended with the discovery of her high school principle dead in the parking lot. Her first thought was to down as much Jack as she could to forget the fact that the school board would find out what she was doing. Her best friend gives her a job as surveillance work and she meets a detective who can’t seem to stay away.

It was a free book from Kindle which is how I like to find a new author. I’m cheap sue me I have four kids to put though college in the next eighteen years.  I was hook from the second she made a emergency run to get her Dairy Queen ice cream to when she finds out who murdered her high school principle. Liliana Hart knows how to create tension both sexual and physical with a who done it serrano. I loved the book from beginning to end and I quickly bought the next two to see how my girl Addison was doing after the end of this book.  I loved the next three books and can’t wait for book four which come out August 2014.

Oh boy is there sex in his book and it is not for the faint of heart. It’s hot and steamy but not nearly as graphic as some of her other books.  I found this book to be well written the characters to be well developed and I cheered Addison hoping for her to find her happiness and future.
In a nut shell you will laugh, sigh, giggle and might want to improve your sex life after reading this book.


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