Lady Thief and Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen


Scarlet and Lady Thief

Author: A.C Gaughen


I Am going to admit I am a Robin Hood nut and as a child I would pretend to shoot bows and arrows using my moms metal hanger and make twigs into arrow. So whenever someone writes a Robin Hood story I can’t help but read the book.  I have read some seriously crap and some really fun.  Scarlet and Lady Thief are a fun twist on Robin Hood and his marry men.

Scarlet is the first in a trilogy the reader meets Will Scarlet who is a girl with a secret she doesn’t want anyone to not even Robin Hood. She dresses like a lad, steals from those who have more and gives to those she cares about. She is the calming voice for Robin and he tries to deny his feeling for her.

A.C. Gaughen uses grammar and language that was used during the time period making the story come alive.  I would recomand this novel to my thirteen year old niece because there is no language, sex but the voliance might be consider at pg13.

Lady Thief takes place a few months after Scarlet where Robin is dealing with the stress of healing after he was tortured at the end of Scarlet. Scarlet wants to take away his pains but soon finds herself protecting herself physically and emotional from Robins demons that follow him. She finds herself living once again with the nobles.  To follow her heart she makes a deal with the devil himself her husband Guy of Gisbourne and promised to play his wife in Nottingham. While there she finds out a secret that changes everything and nothing will ever be the same.  I want to tell you but I can’t because that would totally kill the book for you so sorry.

I loved how the author used some of the folklore every Robin Hood lover knows and adds some fun twist.  Again the author uses her time period to make for some cringe worthy moments that make you wonder how any one survived the middle ages. I love the fact the author used the time period correctly with language, imaginary and setting. I have a love hate relationship with this book and  don’t want to give away any hidden goodies but trust me you will LOVE some parts of this books and others you will hate and wonder where the author is going to take the third book?  This book had romance, kissing but its something today’s thirteen year old see and read.

I am excited to read the third in the series and I will tell you there were some moments where I wanted to throw my kindle on the floor and yell No Way!  if you loved the first you will love this one as well.


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