Review Organized For Murder

Author Ames Ritter

Stars 5 out of 5


When your job is to organize other peoples lives you never expect to be accused of murder. Kate McLnnes takes a job to organized a wealthy client Amelia but when the job takes an unexpected turn when her wealthy client ends up dead. Once she is cleared of the murder by the police Kate starts to find items from her client house in her possession and decides she needs to figure out who the murderer before she is framed for murder.

The characters are well written and stay true to who they are from the beginning to end of the book and they feel real as if you could meet the in real life. Her best friend Meg is the best friend every girl needs and along with her kids are kids and not perfect children. The author gives the reader a lot of misdirection when it came to discovering the murder and had me constantly trying to figure out who the murder was until the end of the book.

The best part of this wonderful cozy mystery is the fact I learned and hope to use all the wonderful tips to get my house and life organized.



Busy, Busy

Today was an adventure with my three kids at the salon because I couldn’t find a baby sitter.  My five year old lost her first tooth and than physically lost it.  I told her the tooth fairy would still come and yes this tooth fairy remembered the four quarters. Than my hubby just got back from a business trip to Vegas.  School, School and more school. Who knew second grader had so much home work.

I’m reading three books and hopeful I will get them completed in the next few days and have them posted.

Perfect Valentines

cheesy romance

Princess certainly has a point.
What good is going on a treasure hunt with a vampire if he’s going to go and eat your boss after you specifically asked him not to? The nerve

Everyone has their opinion of the perfect Valentine’s this year my husband remembering I wanted the Nokia 1020 because I spend my life with a camera strapped to my face.  Then he bought me beautiful arrangement of flowers in every color I love. Next we went to The Grill on Main where the food is amazing but never crowded, we took a walk around down town enjoying Mesa Az.  We were debating between Robocop but I came up with another idea. Bookman where we would search for trashy romance books and than read the sex scenes in silly voices.  We found a chair and cuddled together while laughing way to loud.

Valentines isn’t about big gifts or romantic dinners. Its about spending time with the one person you love.


I totally belted out Everything I do from Robin Hood in the car.  that’s right I’m that awesome 😅



Murder By The Seaside by Julie Anne Lindsay

murder by the seaside

Title Murder By The Seaside

Author: Julie Anne Lindsay

Stars 4 out of 5 due to minor spelling and grammar errors


Patience Price moves home to Chincoteague island after being downside by the FBI and decides to use her degree and start a therapist business.  Her first day home her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart is accused of murder. Patience is asked to find the real killer by his mom after all she worked for the FBI. However no matter what Patience tells people they still want her to investigate.

The second Patience sets eyes on Adrian Davis the book takes a roller coast ride with non-stop action. Since Patience knows she is in over her head and she calls in a favor to her FBI friends.

The more Patience looks into the murder she finds that someone wants her dead.

This book has everything from moments of endless humor, drive by shootings, romance and a car bombing creating the perfect murder mystery.

The author makes the reader fall in love with Patience. She is fun, loyal, girl next door and rolls with the punches that are thrown at her.

The book has a sweet romance which means there is a love triangle between Adrian and Patience FBI agent she hired Sebastian. The main characters are well developed and are true to themselves from beginning to end which I love.

There are a lot of secondary characters but by far the best are Patience hippie mom and dad who own a store. Patience mother thinks she’s a psychic and desires to have Patience work at their store as a tarot reader. Patience mother never really saw the future but it made for some laugh out moments.

The author writes the small town perfectly where gossip runs wild and everyone knows what’s going on so seeing a therapist would cause more gossip. So instead the townsfolk instead stop by to help Patience in her different humorous moments.


Murder By the seaside is an entertaining murder mystery with lots of laughed and non-stop action making this book impossible to put down.

There are some spelling and grammar errors that took me out of the book and is the reason I gave it four instead of five stars. I wish I could tell you what pages but I was reading it on my kindle fire as well as my iPhone.

Spelling issues



My computer has been taken over by small, tiny people who create so much noise it makes my head spin.  So for Christmas my husband brought me a Microsoft Surface.  I’m in love but because kids are always taking over my world I find myself in strange places writing reviews on top of that I have to write quickly so I can keep an eye on my cooking dinner and four kids.

So please forgive me for spelling errors.

I have a serve learning disability which isn’t an excuse for why I can’t spell check that would be my kids.  However my eyes play tricks on me and I will miss simple words and silly grammar errors.  Again forgive me.

Crap gotta run one of my girls hit that other daughter with a microphone and the baby found the pots and pans again.

See lots of noise and the oldest hasn’t returned yet from school.

Writing Romance or sex scenes

The other day I was reading a mystery romance book and realized when it came to sex scenes some authors could make your heart and other area pumping while others didn’t cause any reaction at all.

Here’s my questions Do romance authors write scenes from experience?

If the don’t write from experience do they use their significant other as their tester? As in do they have sex with that person in the way they do in the book? You know to make it more realistic.

Yes I understand that people who write about murder have never killed anyone in their life but I have learned it is easier to write about murder than sex. Why is that?

Just random thoughts.

Fashion, Lie And Murder by Sibel Hodge

fashion lies and murderTitle: Fashion, Lie and Murder

Author: Sibel Hodge

Stars: 4 out of 5


Amber Fox can’t seem to find a break after all it all started when she shot Chief Inspector Janice Skipped and gets throw off the police force. Next she accepts a job offer from her ex fiancé Brad Beckett as insurance investigator and last but not least Umberto Fandango famous fashion designer goes missing, a mysterious psychic and Brad insurance company will be out millions unless Amber can solve the mystery.

This book is silly, light hearted and ridiculous but a fun read with it over the top characters who make you laugh. The book has a lot of great components to create a fun light hearted mystery. Romance, mystery, over the top missing fashion designer, a psychic daughter who enjoyed messing with witch craft, a boyfriend and ex fiancé who will do almost anything to get Amber to make a commitment. The mobster/goons were extremely cartoonish in their behavior but it made for laugh out loud moments.

The Amber Fox mysteries are fun slapstick reads that for the most part stand-alone but I suggest starting with the first.

Quick fun beach read for those collecting books for the summer.

Found the first book free on kindle