Counterfeit Conspiracies Reviews

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]Title Counterfeit Conspiracies

Author Ames Ritter

Stars 5 out 5

Review: Laurel Bachman grew up in wealth and society until her grandfather died and her father gambled away the family fortune. Now Laurel is working her contact in wealth social circles as a Premier art recovery expert for museums and families around the world.  Her current assignment pits her against Jack Hawkes who is her equal and pops into Laurels life when she least expects him too.

The author Ames Ritter takes you on a face pace adventure ride though the world of art without losing the reader along the way. The author creates her own American Laura Croft and James bond but made them likeable and relatable but with a twist.  The books takes you on car chases, shooting, great locations around the world all in the hopes of finding a missing friend and lost artifact. I read the book three times enjoying each time and loving the fact I couldn’t find spelling errors in my kindle addition.

If you like the old school James bond mixed with a better written Laura Croft I think you are in for a real treat.

The is no sex in the book and hardly any language if any.


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