Louisiana Longshot

Title: Louisiana Longshot

Author: Jana Deleon

Stars 4 out of 5



CIA agent and sniper Fortune Redding is about to take on her most difficult mission ever posing as former southern beauty queen turned librarian in the small town of Sinful Louisiana. Before unpacking her suitcase a bone is washed up in her backyard and the local deputy starts asking too many questions. Armed with her skills and two little old ladies Fortune has no choice but to solve the murder to keep her cover intact.

If you have ever lived in a small town this book has characters that ring true but with just enough exaggeration to make you laugh until your sides ache. I love the fact the protagonist is an independent woman who takes charge and she doesn’t fall in love for the only single attractive male in the town.  I truly dislike the over used damsel in distress story and love when a mystery is the focus and if there is romance it’s a second or third part to the story.

I enjoy how the Jana has Fortune profile the people around her to figure out if they are a threat. Fortune is flawed which makes her human and make for some great laughs. Ida Belle and Gertie the older than dirt grandmas will have you crying in tears from laughing so hard. This book has very little language and no sex but tons of laughs.

The story is far fetch but that is what makes it fun to read because why would you want to live in reality when you can live in Sinful where grandmas might be murders and CIA snipers live next door. Looking forward to reading the next in the series


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