No Turning Back Tiffany Snow

tiffnay snowTitle: No Turning Back

Author: Tiffany Snow

Stars 4 out of 5


Kathleen Turner has a goal of one day becoming a lawyer but faiths work against her and instead of becoming a lawyer she found herself working as a runner at high power law firm in Indianapolis. Before she can make a great first impression she fall face first into one of the senior partners lap the very powerful womanizing Blane Kurt. Months later after avoiding Kurt her next door neighbor is killed and Blaine Kurt comes to her rescue. Everything Kathleen believed in is suddenly turned upside down and she learns the web of deceit stretches to the very law firm she works for.

I found this book while I spent many sleepless nights 8months pregnant hoping it would help with the latest nights but what I found was that I was unable to put the book down and was excited to see it was a series.  From first to last page the author has the reader cheering on Kathleen.  Blane is an alpha male who needs to save the world even when odds are stacked against him even. He tries to protect Kathleen at all cost but being young she wants to prove she can take care of herself.

The book is a great romantic suspense book and keeps the reader guessing on how Kathleen is going to get out of the mess she finds herself in.  There is quite a bit of sex in the book and made me realize there is a talent to writing a sex scene.  Along with the sex there is more language I prefer to read that is the reason I give the book four stars instead of five.  The grammar and spelling errors were either unnoticeable or the book had no errors that I found.

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense with more twist and turns than highway 1 in California this is your book.

Also who new Indianapolis had such a shady under belly.


Bought the book on kindle


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