The Big Blind by Nicolette Pierce Self Published

big bindTitle: The Big Blind

Author: Nicolette Pierce

Stars 5 out of 5


Nadia Wolf had one wish to win the world poker tournament and collect the million dollar prize. The odd stack against her when celebrity porker champion Caleb Usher sat down at her table playing a game of mental poker.  As the tournament goes on the million dollar prize disappears in front of everyone on national TV Grayson Miller CEO of the casino works with Nadia to solve the mystery.

Nicolette Pierce is a self-published author who took me by surprise pulling the reader into the world of high stakes poker and a mystery that had me guessing until the thief was revealed. This book has it all humor, kick butt heroine, sensuality all mixed into to one great mystery.

Nadia is every girl’s best friend who can’t turn down a bet no matter the stakes because there is always a chance of winning. The male romantic characters are swoon worthy for any girl with heart beat but also realistic enough to make you wonder are they real. Nadia had me laughing so many time my kids wondered what was so funny.

For a self-published author I didn’t find any grammar errors or for that fact really any spelling errors which I found extremely impressive.

If you have ever been to Vegas so many parts of this book ring true and for those who have never gone this book will make you want to go.

I think Nicolette Pierce writes a great Romantic Suspense that keeps you guessing and willing to buy the next in the series without thinking twice.

Bought by accident and the best accidental buy


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