Fashion, Lie And Murder by Sibel Hodge

fashion lies and murderTitle: Fashion, Lie and Murder

Author: Sibel Hodge

Stars: 4 out of 5


Amber Fox can’t seem to find a break after all it all started when she shot Chief Inspector Janice Skipped and gets throw off the police force. Next she accepts a job offer from her ex fiancé Brad Beckett as insurance investigator and last but not least Umberto Fandango famous fashion designer goes missing, a mysterious psychic and Brad insurance company will be out millions unless Amber can solve the mystery.

This book is silly, light hearted and ridiculous but a fun read with it over the top characters who make you laugh. The book has a lot of great components to create a fun light hearted mystery. Romance, mystery, over the top missing fashion designer, a psychic daughter who enjoyed messing with witch craft, a boyfriend and ex fiancé who will do almost anything to get Amber to make a commitment. The mobster/goons were extremely cartoonish in their behavior but it made for laugh out loud moments.

The Amber Fox mysteries are fun slapstick reads that for the most part stand-alone but I suggest starting with the first.

Quick fun beach read for those collecting books for the summer.

Found the first book free on kindle


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