Murder By The Seaside by Julie Anne Lindsay

murder by the seaside

Title Murder By The Seaside

Author: Julie Anne Lindsay

Stars 4 out of 5 due to minor spelling and grammar errors


Patience Price moves home to Chincoteague island after being downside by the FBI and decides to use her degree and start a therapist business.  Her first day home her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart is accused of murder. Patience is asked to find the real killer by his mom after all she worked for the FBI. However no matter what Patience tells people they still want her to investigate.

The second Patience sets eyes on Adrian Davis the book takes a roller coast ride with non-stop action. Since Patience knows she is in over her head and she calls in a favor to her FBI friends.

The more Patience looks into the murder she finds that someone wants her dead.

This book has everything from moments of endless humor, drive by shootings, romance and a car bombing creating the perfect murder mystery.

The author makes the reader fall in love with Patience. She is fun, loyal, girl next door and rolls with the punches that are thrown at her.

The book has a sweet romance which means there is a love triangle between Adrian and Patience FBI agent she hired Sebastian. The main characters are well developed and are true to themselves from beginning to end which I love.

There are a lot of secondary characters but by far the best are Patience hippie mom and dad who own a store. Patience mother thinks she’s a psychic and desires to have Patience work at their store as a tarot reader. Patience mother never really saw the future but it made for some laugh out moments.

The author writes the small town perfectly where gossip runs wild and everyone knows what’s going on so seeing a therapist would cause more gossip. So instead the townsfolk instead stop by to help Patience in her different humorous moments.


Murder By the seaside is an entertaining murder mystery with lots of laughed and non-stop action making this book impossible to put down.

There are some spelling and grammar errors that took me out of the book and is the reason I gave it four instead of five stars. I wish I could tell you what pages but I was reading it on my kindle fire as well as my iPhone.


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