Perfect Valentines

cheesy romance

Princess certainly has a point.
What good is going on a treasure hunt with a vampire if he’s going to go and eat your boss after you specifically asked him not to? The nerve

Everyone has their opinion of the perfect Valentine’s this year my husband remembering I wanted the Nokia 1020 because I spend my life with a camera strapped to my face.  Then he bought me beautiful arrangement of flowers in every color I love. Next we went to The Grill on Main where the food is amazing but never crowded, we took a walk around down town enjoying Mesa Az.  We were debating between Robocop but I came up with another idea. Bookman where we would search for trashy romance books and than read the sex scenes in silly voices.  We found a chair and cuddled together while laughing way to loud.

Valentines isn’t about big gifts or romantic dinners. Its about spending time with the one person you love.


I totally belted out Everything I do from Robin Hood in the car.  that’s right I’m that awesome 😅




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