I Hate Everything.

My three year old daughter is in the I Hate Everything mode. Yesterday she constantly said “I hate you mommy.”  I sent her to time out every time she told me she hated me.  After the 5th round of time out I decided to try another path after all how does a three year old know what she hates?

Me: Why do you hate mommy?
3 year old: Because you never give me what I want.

Me: What do you want?

3 year old: EVERYTHING. Oh and I don’t want to share ANYTHING.

As you can imagine the screaming sent her back into time out.

3 year old: I’m happy mommy.  (screaming at the top of her lungs)

Me: Until you can say your sorry you will be in your room the rest of the afternoon.

3 year old: (crossing her arms over her chest looking me in the eye) Sounds Good to me Mom!

She went to her shared bedroom closed the door and didn’t return for over an hour.

Heaven help the man who marries this girl in twenty+ years.  She gets the hard headedness from my Scottish side and her stubborn side from my husband side.  Fine she gets her stubborn side from me too, I mean curse my family for being 85% Scottish 15% Irish.

Its hard being a mommy. Whether you work full time or stay home full time its just plain hard being a mom!


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