Review Dirty Little Secrets By Lillian Hart

dirty little secert

Title:  Dirty Little Secrets
Review:  J.J Graves is the Coroner for King George County Virginia and runs a Mortuary business -so dead bodies are her life. When a horrific murder happens in the small town of Bloody Mary- J.J, her best friend and Sheriff Jack Lawson try to bring justice to the victims.
I came across this book free on kindle and decided to give it a shot after all who doesn’t love a good murder mystery book. The murder mystery has you guessing who done it until the very end of the book which in the end is a surprise even for me.  I love the female lead she is quirky, sweet and very like able. If anyone had a best friend growing who was a guy this book makes you laugh even more.
With the fun writing also came a lot of spelling, grammar and character issues that I had to struggle to get past.  In 24 hours J.J and an author Brody who wants to use her in his book have sex and fall in love quickly and to be honest it didn’t flow quite right but it did leave for some funny moments and sad moments in the book. For example “I was sure we’d be late and then Jack would have the right to make fun of me for an indiscriminate amount of time.” I was wondering if she meant undetermined amount of time. Between book one and book two Jack went from 6’2 to 6’5, along with JJ being an average woman yet taller than about 5’10. Little things can throw a reader off taking the fantasy away. I love the friendship between JJ and Jack and the author made it so believable.
There is sex in this book but nothing overly graphic which this author is known for and there is quite bit of language in this book as well.  The author abruptly endless the book but after reading her next two Dirty Shame and Dirty Rotten Scoundrel it’s the way the authors writes.  I quite enjoy the series and man looking forward to the fourth in the series.
Thanks Heidi for this review

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