Spring Break is OVER!!

Spring break has ended and I am jumping for joy. My house will be a little cleaner, life will go back to fighting over homework and life will go a little smoother. I’m excited two authors I have been reading will have to books out close together one on the 29th of March and the other on April 1st and I am so excited!

The first book is the end of the series and I’m happy but said because I love the characters by Nicolette Pierce in the Nadia Wolf series.

The next book is in a series I do not see ending or another 8 books which works for me!

The series is by Evan Katy A Samantha Rialto Mystery: April Undercover.

So many thing have been going my brain can’t keep up.

My baby boy is 10 months super cute, super loveable but he did one thing none of my babies has ever done he stopped nursing. I cried! I love nursing my babies until they are a year old but he has claimed independence from the boob.  Yup my boobs are sad little peas now and I’m dealing with the hormone let down.  Being the last baby for the first time I feel free to be me. Normally if I’m not pregnant, I’m nursing or trying to get pregnant but for the first time in 8 years I feel free and it feel great! Sad and excited Weird I know!

My mother in law has been moved to hospice because her cancer and medication are causing her memory loss.  I have watched my her slowly disappear in front of my eyes. I never know what to say to my husband when he comes home after seeing her so I just pull him into a hug. Cancer sucks!


I totally lost my train of thought due to two girls who decided to pick a fight!


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