True Story Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The other day I was thinking someone should write a real book about being a stay at home mom. As a teenager I saw myself in NYC or San Francisco working or digging in he desert find the next big thing not sitting on a couch wondering when will my three old decide to finally stop wearing diapers. My teen self would be shaking her head at me but I also shake me head at how selfish my teen self was.

Back to the book ok so I have read tons of books on how to find your inner peace and I figured out two things.

1. These women have an endless supply of cash to be able to just leave their husband and kids and take a girls vacation.

2. They seem to have maybe two kids 

I’m looking for someone to writes about raising four kids age 7, 5, 3,10 months. Have you tried to take a vacation where half the family screams the whole time because they can’t communicate their feelings yet? I want to know how other families deal with that.

I’m not crafty and to he honest pinterest scares the poop out of me. Oh however I love talking about Geo politics yup I’m a hit at park day. I hate cooking not my thing I do it because well everyone needs to eat but I can cook three dish Chinese, hamburger helper and pork chops. Creative dinning is for those who either don’t have kids or they have kids who eat more than hit dogs and chicken nuggets. 

I have six kids cook books with “No Fail.” hahaha they all failed! I want to read about a mom who fails at getting her kids to eat pizza and who questions why she chose motherhood. I question it sometimes when all four kids are screaming, I have a migraine and there is food everywhere. I swear if I watch My Little Pony one more time I might pull out all my hair.

I have two girls both love princesses and pink (half tomboy half dress loving princess.) my daughter burp, frat, and talk about poop all the time. Ahhgg

I need a real world mom who wakes up in the morning and has to decide between a shower and breakfast. A mothers whos body doesn’t look like it did before and when she goes to the gym her kids scream in the daycare so much they ask her to leave. Yup that’s me. I want to read a book on how a mom solves problems that doesn’t always make everyone happy. Guess what in the real world where you have more than two kids no everyone is happy.

Some days I don’t want to leave the house in fear of what people might think after all my three year old looks like she had been eating mud, my 10 month old has a tee shirt and diaper and wait did anyone put on their shoes before we left the house? Nope.

I’m pretty sure I’m wearing the same clothes since Monday and its Thursday. Where is that mom? I know I’m not perfect there has to be others equally as un perfect as me right? Oh I totally got a shower today. You want to know how? I pocked everything window, door, turned on My Little Pony and the computer and enjoy ten minutes of no one bothering me. Heavenly.

I’m a 35 year old mother of four kids who questions motherhood because its hard but I get snuggle time at least three times a day for five minutes each because that’s all they want to do. I get told I stink at least once a day (even after my shower), I’m told I’m beautiful, crazy, awesome, and sometimes I’m told “I hate you momma.” I have he best husband because some days when I think I’m losing my mind he jumps in and saves the day. He’s my superman!


Its officially I need more sleep.



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