Review Art Dodger by Nageeba Davis


Title: Artful Dodger

Author: Nageeba Davis

Stars 5 out of 5


Maggie Kean is an art teacher and sculptor who can’t cook even toast without burning it. To make matters worse she stumbles upon a dead body all before 8am. After giving her statement over and over again to the police Maggie learns she is the prime suspect. To clear her name Maggie starts her own investigation only find herself falling for the sexy detective, finding an illegitimate child and trying to avoid two spoiled brats all before lunch.

I am sent a list of free amazon books each week and this week Artful Dodger was on the list and I thought it sounded cute. Little did I know I would find myself laughing out loud, totally rooting for Maggie as she tries to help the police find the person who murdered her dear friend.

The Artful Dodgers is an easy fun mystery with the right amount of dark and light humor to make it an enjoyable read.

Nageeba writes wonderful scenes with verbal sparring between the hero and heroine that will have the reader laughing. Nageeba created a strong female heroine who doesn’t back down from a fight and will fight for what she knows is right.  Did Nageeba create an original character? No but what she created was two very fun and memorable characters who had me laughing. It’s a wonderful summer pool read with the right amount of mystery and romance. Do I plan to read the next in the series? Yes. I could recommend this book to almost anything since there was very little languages and no sex scenes.


Review April UnderCover by Evan Katy



Title: April Undercover


Author: Evan Katy


Stars 5 out of 5


Review:  There are very few books I get excited over but when I found out Evan Katy was still writing her Samantha Rialto Mysteries I couldn’t stop smiling.  April is just as good if not better than January, February and March which I was an unable to put down. April Undercover starts off with Sam trying to do a good deed for her sorta friend Skipper Turnbuckle but as always no hood deed goes unpunished and by the end of the day a man threatens to kill her, a mob boss “kidnaps her” and her jeep is set on fire. Sam best friends Maxine and Olivia learn what was buried in the backyard attracting attention of two trespasser and the girls decided to use booby traps to catch the trespasser.

To top off everything Sam’s almost boyfriend Ben Parker seems to be keeping secrets and spending time with his ex-partner Sharon Gilbert. Before spring break is over Sam is dragged into the middle of a gang ward that threatens everything she knows and loves.
April Undercover is fill with laugh out loud moments, non-stop action, sweet moments of Ahh and nail biting moments which I lost a nail too biting it off. Olivia had me laughing so hard though out the book.

Evan Katy writes equal parts Mystery and Romance with neither part dominating the story. I think this might be my favorite book in the series so far and I can’t wait for the next book coming out next May 2015.

There is quite a bit of language in the book and if there is sex it ends with a close of the door.

I love this series.


Review Homicide In High Heels by Gemma Halliday.



Title: Homicide In High Heels

Author: Gemma Halliday

Stars 5 out of 5

Review: Homicide in high heels follows Maddie Springer fashion lover and shoe designer as she tries to balance marriage, twins 1st birthday and finding a murder to keep her faux dad’s salon alive. When Maddie Husband Jack Ramirez the big bad homicide detective is suspended for punching out a ball player he ask Maddie the one thing she never thought he would ever ask. “I need you to investigate the murder for me.” This was music to Maddie, Marco, Dana ears and for the first time Maddie felt pressure to find the murder and solve the mystery. Ramirez takes over the job of Mr. Mom and to Maddie’s surprise he seems to always have the twins asleep, the house cleaned and dinner ready without a hair out of place while Maddie is off dealing with crazy Baseball Wives, moody baseball players, tabloid reporters and strippers.

Just like all the rest of the high heel mysteries it’s a clean, quick fun read, full of laughs and enough twist and turns to keep you guessing who the murder is. The character are true to themselves and the series that Gemma Halliday created. If you love Mystery High heel series this is a can’t miss book.

This book is a perfect summer poolside read.


Sent by the publisher for honest review Book on sale May 5th

Why do Romance Novels have half Naked Men?

book cover twobook cover

The other day I found a book that totally sounded awesome but their was no cover which was fine with me. I download the book and quickly started reading. It was a romantic suspense typical alpha male and sassy girl who can take of herself. I finished the book and laughed at how cheesy it was but what shocked me was the cover as well as several other books I borrowed or bought they all had the same basic cover half naked ripped abs guys. Are women so vain that we will not read a book without some ripped abs guy on the cover?

Does the cover of a book change your decision on whether you will read a book or not?

Do we still judge a book by its cover?



Good Bye Mom

Yesterday my husband said Good bye to his mom for the last time as they lowered her coffin into the ground. I have only lost my grandfather who was 95 years old so he lived a long life and I miss him. This time I watched an amazing woman slowly disappeared from stage four lung cancer. We cried, laughed, cried more as we talked about this amazing woman.

Over the last eleven years I had gotten to know my mother in law and there are times she drove me a little crazy but it w’s because she loves her son. I became another daughter without realizing it. During the funeral people would tell me how much she loved me and my children but it wasn’t until I her two sisters pulled me into their arms telling me how much they loved me. They told me how grateful they were for how well I took care of my mother in law and the tears flowed not stopping.  They told me LaRae loved me just like a daughter and she would tell them everything I had been up too.

I love my mother in law and not because she would watch the kids for date night or trips but because the endless love she showed me. I miss her so much, my heart aches but I know she is in a better place with her son who died almost fifteen years ago from cancer as well.


Life will be hard without her and I’m sad my youngest will never know her but she is no longer in pain, she is happy with family.

Cancer Sucks!?

My mother in law passed away from Cancer I have wanted to write something but words seem to escape me all the time. I was blessed to be able to spend lots of time with LaRae during the last year because Roxie has been going to Mrs. Lyons Preschool in Mesa right down the street from My wonderful In law. During that time LaRae taught me to laugh during the hard times and only once did I ever see her cry during her struggle with cancer and it was the day she told me she didn’t want to lose her hair during to Chemo. I huge her and cried too but we soon were laugh when she asked me if I would shave her head when the time came. I told I would be honored. However when the time came I looked at her almost crying telling her I had never cut or shaved anyone heads before. LaRae thought about it and decided it would be better for a professional and I agreed. After all I cut my fingers with dull scissors.
My mother in law taught me unconditional love even after I threw up on when I was nine months pregnant she still loved me. We talked, we walked, she loved my kids, she loved her family and she always encouraged me to sing and play the piano even when I wasn’t sure I could do it. She told me she loved me all the time and how proud she was of her son Doug and all he accomplished. She taught me how to make homemade Christmas Marshmallows, sew a dress and how to take apart the same dress I had messed up on, how to bind a quilt and how to sever those around me.
I will forever be grateful to her for raising an amazing son who will carry on her tradition of love,service and laughter.
I will miss going to Tucson, Women’s Conference, our talks on the couch on Sunday, playing in the pool with the kids and her endless service to those she loved. I love you mom and will miss you!


Noah Movie Review Love, Like, and wow that was uncomfortable

I wish I could put a great view of the movie Noah but I’m not talented enough with words so I left it up to my husband. Here is the post.



I love that my husband is so opened mind and willing to see past what others see to create this opinion.