Good Bye Mom

Yesterday my husband said Good bye to his mom for the last time as they lowered her coffin into the ground. I have only lost my grandfather who was 95 years old so he lived a long life and I miss him. This time I watched an amazing woman slowly disappeared from stage four lung cancer. We cried, laughed, cried more as we talked about this amazing woman.

Over the last eleven years I had gotten to know my mother in law and there are times she drove me a little crazy but it w’s because she loves her son. I became another daughter without realizing it. During the funeral people would tell me how much she loved me and my children but it wasn’t until I her two sisters pulled me into their arms telling me how much they loved me. They told me how grateful they were for how well I took care of my mother in law and the tears flowed not stopping.  They told me LaRae loved me just like a daughter and she would tell them everything I had been up too.

I love my mother in law and not because she would watch the kids for date night or trips but because the endless love she showed me. I miss her so much, my heart aches but I know she is in a better place with her son who died almost fifteen years ago from cancer as well.


Life will be hard without her and I’m sad my youngest will never know her but she is no longer in pain, she is happy with family.


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