Review April UnderCover by Evan Katy



Title: April Undercover


Author: Evan Katy


Stars 5 out of 5


Review:  There are very few books I get excited over but when I found out Evan Katy was still writing her Samantha Rialto Mysteries I couldn’t stop smiling.  April is just as good if not better than January, February and March which I was an unable to put down. April Undercover starts off with Sam trying to do a good deed for her sorta friend Skipper Turnbuckle but as always no hood deed goes unpunished and by the end of the day a man threatens to kill her, a mob boss “kidnaps her” and her jeep is set on fire. Sam best friends Maxine and Olivia learn what was buried in the backyard attracting attention of two trespasser and the girls decided to use booby traps to catch the trespasser.

To top off everything Sam’s almost boyfriend Ben Parker seems to be keeping secrets and spending time with his ex-partner Sharon Gilbert. Before spring break is over Sam is dragged into the middle of a gang ward that threatens everything she knows and loves.
April Undercover is fill with laugh out loud moments, non-stop action, sweet moments of Ahh and nail biting moments which I lost a nail too biting it off. Olivia had me laughing so hard though out the book.

Evan Katy writes equal parts Mystery and Romance with neither part dominating the story. I think this might be my favorite book in the series so far and I can’t wait for the next book coming out next May 2015.

There is quite a bit of language in the book and if there is sex it ends with a close of the door.

I love this series.



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