Review Art Dodger by Nageeba Davis


Title: Artful Dodger

Author: Nageeba Davis

Stars 5 out of 5


Maggie Kean is an art teacher and sculptor who can’t cook even toast without burning it. To make matters worse she stumbles upon a dead body all before 8am. After giving her statement over and over again to the police Maggie learns she is the prime suspect. To clear her name Maggie starts her own investigation only find herself falling for the sexy detective, finding an illegitimate child and trying to avoid two spoiled brats all before lunch.

I am sent a list of free amazon books each week and this week Artful Dodger was on the list and I thought it sounded cute. Little did I know I would find myself laughing out loud, totally rooting for Maggie as she tries to help the police find the person who murdered her dear friend.

The Artful Dodgers is an easy fun mystery with the right amount of dark and light humor to make it an enjoyable read.

Nageeba writes wonderful scenes with verbal sparring between the hero and heroine that will have the reader laughing. Nageeba created a strong female heroine who doesn’t back down from a fight and will fight for what she knows is right.  Did Nageeba create an original character? No but what she created was two very fun and memorable characters who had me laughing. It’s a wonderful summer pool read with the right amount of mystery and romance. Do I plan to read the next in the series? Yes. I could recommend this book to almost anything since there was very little languages and no sex scenes.


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