I’m a Mom!

I’m a mom of 4 tiny people under the age of 7. The youngest just celebrated his first birthday by doing the best thing in the world eating his birthday cake, throwing his birthday cake and reminding me why I love him so much. My one year old is constantly smiling, laughing and is down right happy all the time. He goes to bed smiling, he wakes up smiling, eats his dinner smiling, drink his bottle smiling. As my husband said the other day he is our Olaf. “I like warm Huges.That is what my little one year old is like.

Ive  asked many times “Why did I ruin my perfect family?”  My oldest is a boy and number two is a girl aka the perfect family according people I know.  If I had stopped at two I could be going back to work, or college or just about anything with the free time I would have but than I would miss out on my hug and kiss hour from my 3 year old and my beautiful sweet 1 years old giggles, laughs, endless smiling and non stop babbling.

Motherhood is hard and some days if not most days it really suck the big one BUT in those quite moments I can’t imagine my life without every single tiny person in it.

With that being said I have read about six books I need to review and post. Oh your wonder why I have time to read? Car pick up, potty training when I sit next to the child praying the pee, late nights under my covers hoping no one finds me. I love escaping fro the real world to be living in the south as an undercover agent, or a history nerd who stumbles on a dead body or a bodyguard who can barely keep her family happy as she struggles with life.  Thank you to everyone we has ever written a book because have helped me escape from the real world for a few minutes.


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