What Would you do?

What would you do if someone you loved turned from being loving to a bully. Telling you everything you are doing wrong with your life, teasing you about your physical appearance and how you raise your children.  The week before I see this person I turns me into a crazy person stressing about every little thing. Than the person arrives and I listen non stop about very thing I’m doing wrong and hoping  this person just might leave early. The second the person leaves I’m crying because I’m hurt, depressed and in desperate need of therapy.  Yet I invite this person into my home at least once a year.

I want to love this person but I’m angry and hurt wondering what I should do?

Boundaries have never been set I just assumed this person knew how to behave but I guess not. My feeling were hurt does that make me too sensitive or does that make this person insensitive?



Review Killer Heels by Sheryl Anderson

Title: Killer Heels
Author Sheryl Anderson
Stars 5 out of 5
Why I read it: I did the most shocking thing known to man….I went to the library and wondered up and down the books and just pulled one off the shelf


Molly Forrester writes for Zeitgeist in the advice column like Dear Abby  but one night her new pair of Jimmy Choo stumble into the body of her dead colleague. Since Molly writes a column about dealing with peoples secrets it should be a piece of cake solving a murder. Molly enlist the help of her Lawyer friend Cassady and Event planner Tricia to support and help her find the murder.  As luck would have it a cute Homicide detective can’t decide if Molly is guilty or truly just wanting to help a friend out.
I will admit it I have found a love for Cozy Mysteries and I can’t help but giggle, fall in love with and enjoy every second of a light murder Mystery with a touch of romance.
Killer Heels is the perfect book to sit by the pool and enjoy hours of tanning while laughing endless at Molly how she seems to find herself  too many dead bodies and her love life taking a turn in the right direction.  This book is wickedly clever with moments of honest to good humor and simple who don it.  The killer is pretty easy to figure out with most cozy mystery but I found the writing so much fun it kept me reading to the very end.
I found myself borrowing book 2 from the library  just in case I liked book 1 and I glad I did.
The found very little language in the book and sex was stooped at the door and lets be honest sex scene while sun bathing do not mix because you can never tell the difference between a sun burn and blushing. I love the banter between Molly and the Detective  and found it to be lively, natural and quite fun.
If you like the High Heel Mysteries by Gemma Halliday this book will fit perfectly next to it.

One my of my favorite scene in the book is when Molly stumbles across the dead body.
“Call Ticia on her cell. ”
Cassady squinted. “Your kidding right?”
Actually, I wasn’t. “Who else?”
“I thought I’d start with the Police.” 
I couldn’t stop laughing thinking I would do the same thing first call my best friend and than the police.  Every girl needs someone to tell right?

Week 3 Sick

For the last two going on three weeks I’ve been sick. Head cold, Chili’s, fever, and even a swollen face and I’m still mot better. I have the flu but not the flu covered by the flu shot. Awesome I know. Eating has been harder because I can’t taste anything. However I have had tons of time read because I’m up all might hacking so I should be able to write several reviews and get them posted soon.