Hard To Kill By Wendy Byrne

Book Review – Hard to Kill – Wendy Byrne

Title:  Hard to Kill

AuthorWendy Byrne

Review:  Sabrina Shaw and her two brothers were raised with a less than normal up bringing- they were trained assassins by the infamous Goren Petrovich.  Sabrina and her brother’s escape and now work for an organization called the Alliance.  They specialize in jobs that no one else wants. Think Phoenix Foundation from the TV show MacGyver expect the woman has the ability to take down grown men, escape using her wit and sassy mouth vs using a little red knife and duct take to make things go boom.

When the daughter of a prominent politician disappears everyone calls her a runaway but Sabrina uncovers the girl was kidnapped and taken into sex trafficking. Sabrina does everything she can to bring the girl home but to destroy the operation that took her.

Hard to kill is action packed from page one to the very last page never really giving the reader a moment of down time. Sabrina never once stops to think through the situation or formulate a plan of attack which makes me wonder how she has survived all those years but then when the reader question her abilities the author reminds you of her past as a child assassin. Kane the undercover FBI agent helps Sabrina escape the sex traffickers only to find her being hunted.  The author created Kane Travis as the All American Hero. When the story gets dark because it is based around human sex trafficking Kane gives the light and humor to the story. So much works in this Romantic Suspense that will keep readers going until they find they finished the book in the middle of the night and want to start back over in the morning.

The story has romance but it doesn’t over shadow the main story but helps create a flow that will take the reader to the very end where the author leaves you with a few questions about Sabrina’s past and her future as well. Hard to Kill is the perfect mix of mystery, action, romance for a great pool side read. I can’t wait to read another from this author – Wendy Byrane.

I was given an advance copy exchange for my honest opinion


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