Review A Righteous Kill (A Shakespearean Suspense Book 1)

Title: A Righteous Kill (A Shakespearean Suspense Book 1)

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Stars 5 out of 5


I found A Righteous Kill on Amazon Unlimited and thought the story sounded interesting because I wanted to see how the author Kerrigan Byrne incorporated Shakespeare without making it cheesy.

John the Baptist has killed six red headed women by nailing them to the cross and sending them down the river.  However his last victim survived Hero (Name from Much ado about nothing). FBI agent Luca Ramirez has been chasing the serial killer for a year and finally gets his break in the tiny, feisty red head woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone.  Luca has to pretend to be Hero’s boyfriend to draw out the killer without crossing a professional and personal line.

This book had a great blend of creepy suspense, gruff, the anti-hero hero, and adorable heroine who you can’t get enough of.

Luca is a dark character who past makes him believe he is unworthy of love. His family was abusive and Luca is afraid one day he will cross the line so instead he works nonstop to put away the world most dangerous killers. However Hero’s mother and father scare them more than terrorist. Luca is 100% Alpha Male and Hero is a fun loving hippie who loves her free life driving Luca insane especially when he needs meat instead of tofu and sports instead of art.

Hero is a cute heroine who is scared to death of the serial killer being someone she knows and loves. After all she has trusted these men with her heart and eternal soul. She trying to live in a world where everyone is good but when she is attack she finds herself questioning everything.  She brings the light to the book and the hospital scene when she wakes up is pretty funny.

Vince is Luca’s partner who also bring the light and humor into a very dark book and I have to admit I totally can’t wait for the author to write Vince’s book.

The book is full of sexual tension but it works well with the suspense making it a perfect blend of Romance and scary mystery.  The author keeps you guessing between three people in Hero’s life who could be the murder and to be honest I guessed wrong for the first time.  She does a great job of keeping you guessing until the end. Which I tried not to rush though because I truly didn’t want to the book to end.

At the end of the book the author sets up for her next book using Hero’s Brother Knox.

 Every character has some sort of Shakespeare name and each chapter has a quote from one of the many works of Williams Shakespeare that gives you an idea what you are going to read.

I am very excited to read the next in the series.  If you like Romantic suspense you need to read this book.

The book is full of language and yes there is sex as well.


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