The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

Book Review – The Darkest Hour – Maya Banks

Title:  The Darkest Hour
Author:  Maya Banks
Review:  The only word that came to mind as I finished this book was Wow and I have got to get the next book in the series.

Ex-Navy Seal Ethan Kelly is dealing with the one year anniversary of his beloved wife death.  He blames himself and can’t seem to find his way out of the bottle until a package is delivered telling him his wife Rachel is alive. Ethan enlists the help of his brothers special ops group KGI. They find and save Rachel but that is only the beginning of a heart retching story with enough action to keep the reader up all night long.

Maya Banks captures reader from the beginning feeling the loss Ethan’s wife -to wanting to hold Rachel as she cried trying to figure out if she was going crazy and who she could really trust in her life.  Maya Banks created a family everyone dreams of having with strong parents who give up everything to help these they love and come to love.  Brother’s who are larger than life military but retain their humanity and a husband and wife who struggle to find true love once again.

The Darkest Hour is the introduction novel to the KGI series and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. Each brother was introduced along with a cast of other characters but never once did you feel lost in the story because it was so well developed and written.  Maya Banks pulls at your heart strings with ever chapter Rachel is in but you root for her and Ethan to find the love they once had.  Ethan and Rachel’s relationship felt very realistic and extremely heartfelt that I almost felt tears spring from my eyes.  I loved the brothers because they all mattered, no one was extra for the author to fill in space- they were needed at a time and place.
This book packs a punch with action, romance and yes swearing but it also felt natural for the characters and never once forced or oddly out of place.

This book got a 4 1\2 out of 5 because of grammar errors that took me out of the story for just a second.

I found this book at the local online library.


What are you Reading? I’m reading……

So what are you reading this week? I have found sleeping to be impossible so instead of rolling around on a bed waiting for sleep I might as well read something.

I’m reading Code Runner By Rosie Claverton


Legacy of Fear by Ryshia Kennie

Mercenary Instinct By Ruby Lionsdrake

and last but not least The Neon Lawyer By Victor Methos

Did I forget to mention I am reading my husbands book he is working on.

Code RUnner Legacy Of Fear Mercenary Instinct By Ruby Lionsdrake The Neon Lawyer By Victor Methos

Home Record Bowls

record bowl

I’m not a craft person. I mean if I can put stickers on something and call it good I will.  I saw on a website Record bowls that cost around 50 bucks and I really wanted to get them for my sister in law but hello $50 a bowl. My son just had a tooth pulled and my daughter needs new glasses not to mention the two birthday’s coming  up.

So I thought I can do that.  I went online and found what temperature the records will melt and started on my search for recorders that might have some meaning to my sister in law.  Gotta love 50%  Saturday at Goodwill!!

I turned on my stove and slipped the bowls in and learned after three melted bowels I needed to open my windows! Marry home made Christmas!

So where are my record bowls! Go me I guess I have a little crafty side.

I love Netgalley, Amazon Unlimited and local online Library

I’m not sure I have eve said this out loud but I love Netgalley!  Since I started to write reviews for my sisters ( blog )I was able to join Netgalley and have received some awesome books over the last two years.  I love finding new authors and Netgalley has helped me discover a new side to reading.  I have always been a mystery nut since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew books.  In the last two years I have branched out reading everything from YA to Thrillers from Romancer to Horror because of Amazon Unlimited, my local online Library and Netgalley.

This girl two years ago wouldn’t have been caught dead reading Bella Andres Romance novels and now I am looking forward to her next Sullivan series.  I love reading and finding myself in a different world for just a few hours during the late night hours that are brought on by having four small kids under 8 with over active imaginations.  Yea they totally get that from their momma.

Just a simple shout out of places I love to get my books from!

Review Lush


Title: Lush

Author: Beth Yarnall

Stars 4 out of 5


Lush is the story of second chances Billionaire Businessman Cal Seller who has everything he is ever wanted including endless women at his fingertips but only one woman who ever really stopped him dead in his tracks Lucy.

Lucy is trying to recover from her abusive relationship with her ex-husband when Cal offers her a job she can’t pass up to be his wife with options. Lucy will be able to protect her daughter while pretending to be Cal’s wife but can she protect her heart at the same time?

The book is very real when it comes to domestic abuse and the mental scars left behind. The reader will want hold Lucy as she struggles to deal with trust issues, physically issues and emotional scars left behind by her ex-husband. Cal struggles as well trying to figure out how to get the old Lucy back all the while loving her endlessly as well as her daughter Poppy. Cal does everything he can to protect Lucy but she still doubts his feeling for her to the point Cal doesn’t know what else to do but show her how much she means to him. You will struggle with the emotions she is going thought. You will feel the pain she feels and you will ask yourself what; would you do if you were Lucy.

The book has elements that were great and others that are predictable as a lifetime movie. Lucy struggles with trust only to find Cal in the arms of his secretary again. It was extremely predictable as was the ending but the message was loud and clear. The mystery on how and why her ex kept finding her was interesting twist and I enjoyed the small amount of mystery but I found his book to be mainly romance. Thankful the author focused on building a relationship balancing out the endless sex scenes giving the book a balance.

What I will take away from this book is women can become survives from domestic abusive if they choose too. If they take away the control they have allowed their ex to have in their heart and mind.

No everyone gets to do what Lucy did to her ex but women have the ability to take back what is theirs. I have many friend that have been abused and still allow their ex to have control he doesn’t deserve. This book is a work of fiction it still has some very real elements.

Advance Copy from Netgalley.

Sex Language


Now on to my other new I made my goal for the year to read 55 books.  Well I am up to 57 books  and I plan to burst past the goal too because I love to read.  You might ask where a mom of 4 finds time to read? Well I wait 20 mins in a car line to pick my kids and other tiny people up from school. Waiting at the endless Doctors, dentist and other appointment where I know they will be late. Insomnia seem to be winning in my life right now and I figured why should I just roll around my bed all night when I can read. Last but not least I have watched My little Pony and Frozen so many times I can singing every song and quote every line so I pull out my kindle while I cuddle and start to read.  I take every opportunity to read because its the only time I get to escape from the stresses of the real world.

I was told from a young age I would never never read above a 3-5th grade level because of my sever learning disability.  I love to read even though I don’t see pictures when I read and most of the time its just words on a page but those are words I feel  when I read. When someone says your can’t just look them in the eye and say. “Watch Me because I can!”

Its not hard to find time to read.  I find its the balancing act of giving everyone the right amount of time with mommy and mommy getting the right amount of me time.


Just a funny noted about my tiny people.  My oldest is 8 and he was freezing to death this morning to the point he needed to wear a sweater and jacket because it was just so cold outside. I grew up in Southern Minnesota on the Iowa border where it was the flattest part of the state and I can talk about cold because it would be -65 for several weeks though out winter.  So when I looked at the temperature gauge I couldn’t stop laughing it was 70 degree outside and he is freezing.  Than I realized that when you summer is anywhere from 110-118 degrees 65-70 degrees is cold.

Dangerous Surrender By Katie Reus

Title Dangerous Surrender

Author Katie Reus

Stars 5 out of 5


Dangerous Surrender is the 4th book in the Serafina Sin City Series by Katie Reus. The stories is about Taylor who witnesses her friend murdered before her eyes and escapes but not unharmed. She runs to the only place she feels safe her friend Vadim but just as she arrives to his home she remember he is off on his honeymoon. Instead of finding some pace else to hide away Taylor breaks into Vadim’s home hoping to fix her wounds.

Roman MacNeil finds Taylor bleeding in his friend’s showers and what’s starts off as babysitting his friends Dog turns into keeping the woman he finds intriguing alive.

Since I have never read any of the Serafina Sin City series I was excited to see the author created enough of a backstory so the reader wouldn’t be lost.

Katie Reus creates two very likable characters. Taylor an intelligent heroine who knows how to keep things together when she is scared. She is smart, caring and people like her which makes the reader like her. I also love that she is a hacker with some social skill instead of being a geek who doesn’t know up from down. She is smart and when she puts her mind to fixing a problem she does it without looking back.

Roman is awesome because he speaks him mind making for some great laugh out loud moments. He is the typical alpha male hero trying to do everything in his power to protect Taylor. With all Alpha male heroes they are all very big, former military and seem to have a one track mind and Roman is that way but the author also created him to seem human. So when he speaks his mind I couldn’t stop laughing sometimes because Tylor’s reaction was always perfect to the situations.

Dangerous Surrender is a quickly fall read with tons of actions, passion, suspense and enough twist and turns to keep you reading to the very end of the book. Yes there is sex, swearing and lots of violence but all of which are tied up in a pretty little package.

A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.