Book Review: Organized Homicide by Ritter Ames

Book: Organized Homicide Book 2

Author: Ritter Ames

Stars: 5 out of 5 Stars


Nothing better than reading a book with a fun set of characters you who you could see as your best friends and watching them grow and develop. Also I love the endless tips to help organize my home. Each chapter had great tips on how to organize yourself for a big move. Which I plan to use if I ever move again. (I hope not.)

Organized for Homicide is the second book in Ritter Ames cozy organized mysteries series. It is set in a small town in Vermont with the Kate McKenzie and her business partner Meg Berman. When they forget to take care of a few items in the house that they are packing up Meg decided to head back over and Kate joins her. What was supposed to be a quick in and out instead they watch a murder happen before their eyes. When Sydney the daughter of the man who hired them to pack the house is accused of murder Kate and Meg know it can’t be her and instead of listening to Lt. Johnson and stay out they decided to find out who the murder truly is.

The organized series is like hanging out with your best friends who just happen to give you endless organizing tips and also help find a murder at the same time. This book draws you in from the first page until the last as the authors dares you to read the book in one sitting. The Ritter Ames introduces you to more characters from the small town and the author keeps the reader wondering who the killer really is. I have to confess I love Meg in this book and I feel the author really flushed that character out. I love the one eyed cat and it brought humor, to the book. She also gave me another reason I don’t want a pet. Early mornings.

Organized Homicide has endless laughs, tears, a hero you never see coming until the end as well as the endless organization tips that will help anyone out in life. At little over half way through the book you get a little fun nugget a Mac and Cheese Crock pot recipe I will have to try out on my kids.

This book is a perfect fall read while you are waiting to pick your kids up from school. One more note I love that the Ritter Ames thought to add an appendix to the book with Kate McKenzie’s 10 steps to an organized Move. Along with some other great organizing tips.

I did receive this book from the author to give my honest opinion.


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