Review Taken By Tuesday By Catherine ByBee


Title:  Taken By Tuesday

AuthorCatherine ByBee

Review:  Taken By Tuesday is the 5th installment in Catherine ByBee Weekday Bride Series-each book follows two people and how they fall in love.  Some of the book have just romance other have a small amount of mystery mixed with the romance. If you have read the other books you will love revisiting several of the characters and how they have developed over time in Taken By Tuesday.  I will have to admit in a few scenes I did get a little lost with the overwhelming amount of characters from the other books but in some way the author made you feel the way Judy felt- overwhelmed with everything that was going on.

Taken By Tuesday we get to know Judy and Rick who we had met in Single by Saturday. Judy moved to LA after graduating from college and lives in her famous actor brother house which comes with state of the art security. When Judy is attacked Rick decides to become her personal bodyguard but soon the police think Rick is responsible for the attack on Judy and tries to convince her. Instead of listening to the police Judy does the unexpected and saves Rick who in turn saves her. Thankful Judy used her brain throughout the whole book and never once put herself in danger.  Thank you Catherine ByBee!

Since I have not read any of the other books I am happy to say I was only lost the one time and the author made sure to catch the reader up pretty quick just in case this was your first book to read in the series. The book did start off a little slow but once the mystery started so did the romance. With all Catherine ByBee books you know there will be a Happily Ever After but the author makes sure you enjoy is the ride, romance, sexual tension that starts at the beginning of the book until the very end.

The book is foremost a romance but the mystery in the book is enjoyable and it helps develop the love between Judy and Rick. When Judy is attack it is the catalyst for the change in the character romance.

The author puts in a sweet epilogue to finish off Judy and Ricks Romance given the read a since of completions.

If you are looking for a Romance with a hint of mystery this book is for you.




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