Book Review – Mine to Have – Cynthia Eden

Title:  Mine to Have. (Book 5)

AuthorCynthia Eden

Review:  Elizabeth Ward watches as a complete strangers saves her life but is he a hero or just another thug. Saxon has been working undercover for FBI far to long that he takes one more case so he can walk away a free man. That is until he met the beautiful Elizabeth Ward and his life changed forever.

With all Cynthia Eden books not everything is as it seems but this one had a lot less nail biting twist and turns that I have found in her other novels but still has its moments. Mine to Have follows in the Mine Series where the men become in some way obsessed with keeping the women in their lives- safe even risking their lives many times over. Saxon is no different and I am not sure how may time he was shot in this book but it added up quick.  Vic and Saxon are family who will do anything to protect one another even if it means keeping a secret that could change Elizabeth life forever.

Mine to Have has sex and boy does it have sex which seems to follow with the rest of the Mine series. You will find yourself rooting for Saxon to have a normal life with the women he loves. Even if you know the Mine Series you still can’t help but wonder will they get together.  He might be all bad with a dark side but inside he is a marshmallow and readers will fall in love.  This book has more romance than mystery but it still has its moments of what’s going to happen next causing the reader to finish the book in a day and night. The book add more humor than I remember in the other Mines series giving it a light feel and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

If you like the Mine Series by Cynthia Eden you will love this book as well.


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