Fatal Heart By Norah Wilson

Title:  Fatal Heart

Author: Norah Wilson

Review:   Homicide detective Boyd McBride twin brother Josh McBride died suddenly while investigating their birth parents. Boyd can’t shake the feeling someone murdered his brother to keep his birth parents a secret. Boyd decided to do everything like his twin brother did the last few weeks until his death.  Which includes being around Josh best friend Hayden Walsh an ER doctor. The investigation uncovers a dangerous secret, and one person will do anything including murder to keep that secret.

Norah WIlson is different from most of the Romantic Suspense author I have read in the last few months. Her book is well crafted from each characters well developed and never questioning why they do something. Every character had a purpose and no one was fluff.  The mystery was great because you got to ride along trying to figure out who could be murder and who are the parents.  The author didn’t throw tons of suspicious characters at the reader instead the author made you care for everyone in the book even down to the murder.  The book wasn’t full of  twist and turns that took away from the main mystery or romance instead they only helped build the story with the reader feeling very satisfied.

The romance between Boyd and Hayen was a little odd at first but at the same time it made sense as the book ended. What lacks with one brother was there with the other. Being a romantic suspense there is sex but during that time a relationship is also built so when the end happens you know the author thought it out and it made since. There were moments where the book would get a little to chatty but at the same time the author was building relationship with people in the town.  I knew about half way though the book who the murder was and a good idea why but the ending was still great and I loved the book.

As a reader I could tell that Norah Wilson made sure this book was well crafted no easy drama that could written away later in the book or easily forgotten.  Instead she developed the characters and allowed them to grow within the book.

I will even admit this book tugged at my heart strings and I hoped that Boyd and Hayden would find peace in their lives after losing the one person who meant the most to both of them.


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