Dangerous Surrender By Katie Reus

Title Dangerous Surrender

Author Katie Reus

Stars 5 out of 5


Dangerous Surrender is the 4th book in the Serafina Sin City Series by Katie Reus. The stories is about Taylor who witnesses her friend murdered before her eyes and escapes but not unharmed. She runs to the only place she feels safe her friend Vadim but just as she arrives to his home she remember he is off on his honeymoon. Instead of finding some pace else to hide away Taylor breaks into Vadim’s home hoping to fix her wounds.

Roman MacNeil finds Taylor bleeding in his friend’s showers and what’s starts off as babysitting his friends Dog turns into keeping the woman he finds intriguing alive.

Since I have never read any of the Serafina Sin City series I was excited to see the author created enough of a backstory so the reader wouldn’t be lost.

Katie Reus creates two very likable characters. Taylor an intelligent heroine who knows how to keep things together when she is scared. She is smart, caring and people like her which makes the reader like her. I also love that she is a hacker with some social skill instead of being a geek who doesn’t know up from down. She is smart and when she puts her mind to fixing a problem she does it without looking back.

Roman is awesome because he speaks him mind making for some great laugh out loud moments. He is the typical alpha male hero trying to do everything in his power to protect Taylor. With all Alpha male heroes they are all very big, former military and seem to have a one track mind and Roman is that way but the author also created him to seem human. So when he speaks his mind I couldn’t stop laughing sometimes because Tylor’s reaction was always perfect to the situations.

Dangerous Surrender is a quickly fall read with tons of actions, passion, suspense and enough twist and turns to keep you reading to the very end of the book. Yes there is sex, swearing and lots of violence but all of which are tied up in a pretty little package.

A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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