Now on to my other new I made my goal for the year to read 55 books.  Well I am up to 57 books  and I plan to burst past the goal too because I love to read.  You might ask where a mom of 4 finds time to read? Well I wait 20 mins in a car line to pick my kids and other tiny people up from school. Waiting at the endless Doctors, dentist and other appointment where I know they will be late. Insomnia seem to be winning in my life right now and I figured why should I just roll around my bed all night when I can read. Last but not least I have watched My little Pony and Frozen so many times I can singing every song and quote every line so I pull out my kindle while I cuddle and start to read.  I take every opportunity to read because its the only time I get to escape from the stresses of the real world.

I was told from a young age I would never never read above a 3-5th grade level because of my sever learning disability.  I love to read even though I don’t see pictures when I read and most of the time its just words on a page but those are words I feel  when I read. When someone says your can’t just look them in the eye and say. “Watch Me because I can!”

Its not hard to find time to read.  I find its the balancing act of giving everyone the right amount of time with mommy and mommy getting the right amount of me time.


Just a funny noted about my tiny people.  My oldest is 8 and he was freezing to death this morning to the point he needed to wear a sweater and jacket because it was just so cold outside. I grew up in Southern Minnesota on the Iowa border where it was the flattest part of the state and I can talk about cold because it would be -65 for several weeks though out winter.  So when I looked at the temperature gauge I couldn’t stop laughing it was 70 degree outside and he is freezing.  Than I realized that when you summer is anywhere from 110-118 degrees 65-70 degrees is cold.


2 thoughts on “GOAL!

  1. As a person with severe dyslexia and current neurological disabilities I salute you. I’ve got an IQ way up there, but it took someone patient enough to have me read a paragraph ( and I stuttered) and stop and tell what it said a long time before my “Helen Keller” moment when I connected….and took off at 90 miles an hour.

    I managed three Masters, ordination, and a Nursing Home administrators job before my birth issues caught up with me. I am now permanently disabled. Even at my worst, I still read around 100 books a year and this year I’ll surpass my 200 book goal.

    I understand about the weather too. I grew up in RI, but have worked in rural family churches in Oregon and the Dakotas where it gets really cold. I’ll wear coats, but still rarely button/zip them. I like cold….to a point…

    So, I support you and celebrate your goal! The conga- rats line forms behind me.

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