Review Lush


Title: Lush

Author: Beth Yarnall

Stars 4 out of 5


Lush is the story of second chances Billionaire Businessman Cal Seller who has everything he is ever wanted including endless women at his fingertips but only one woman who ever really stopped him dead in his tracks Lucy.

Lucy is trying to recover from her abusive relationship with her ex-husband when Cal offers her a job she can’t pass up to be his wife with options. Lucy will be able to protect her daughter while pretending to be Cal’s wife but can she protect her heart at the same time?

The book is very real when it comes to domestic abuse and the mental scars left behind. The reader will want hold Lucy as she struggles to deal with trust issues, physically issues and emotional scars left behind by her ex-husband. Cal struggles as well trying to figure out how to get the old Lucy back all the while loving her endlessly as well as her daughter Poppy. Cal does everything he can to protect Lucy but she still doubts his feeling for her to the point Cal doesn’t know what else to do but show her how much she means to him. You will struggle with the emotions she is going thought. You will feel the pain she feels and you will ask yourself what; would you do if you were Lucy.

The book has elements that were great and others that are predictable as a lifetime movie. Lucy struggles with trust only to find Cal in the arms of his secretary again. It was extremely predictable as was the ending but the message was loud and clear. The mystery on how and why her ex kept finding her was interesting twist and I enjoyed the small amount of mystery but I found his book to be mainly romance. Thankful the author focused on building a relationship balancing out the endless sex scenes giving the book a balance.

What I will take away from this book is women can become survives from domestic abusive if they choose too. If they take away the control they have allowed their ex to have in their heart and mind.

No everyone gets to do what Lucy did to her ex but women have the ability to take back what is theirs. I have many friend that have been abused and still allow their ex to have control he doesn’t deserve. This book is a work of fiction it still has some very real elements.

Advance Copy from Netgalley.

Sex Language


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