I love Netgalley, Amazon Unlimited and local online Library

I’m not sure I have eve said this out loud but I love Netgalley!  Since I started to write reviews for my sisters ( blog http://bookhimdanno.blogspot.com/ )I was able to join Netgalley and have received some awesome books over the last two years.  I love finding new authors and Netgalley has helped me discover a new side to reading.  I have always been a mystery nut since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew books.  In the last two years I have branched out reading everything from YA to Thrillers from Romancer to Horror because of Amazon Unlimited, my local online Library and Netgalley.

This girl two years ago wouldn’t have been caught dead reading Bella Andres Romance novels and now I am looking forward to her next Sullivan series.  I love reading and finding myself in a different world for just a few hours during the late night hours that are brought on by having four small kids under 8 with over active imaginations.  Yea they totally get that from their momma.

Just a simple shout out of places I love to get my books from!







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