Home Record Bowls

record bowl

I’m not a craft person. I mean if I can put stickers on something and call it good I will.  I saw on a website Record bowls that cost around 50 bucks and I really wanted to get them for my sister in law but hello $50 a bowl. My son just had a tooth pulled and my daughter needs new glasses not to mention the two birthday’s coming  up.

So I thought I can do that.  I went online and found what temperature the records will melt and started on my search for recorders that might have some meaning to my sister in law.  Gotta love 50%  Saturday at Goodwill!!

I turned on my stove and slipped the bowls in and learned after three melted bowels I needed to open my windows! Marry home made Christmas!

So where are my record bowls! Go me I guess I have a little crafty side.


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