The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

Book Review – The Darkest Hour – Maya Banks

Title:  The Darkest Hour
Author:  Maya Banks
Review:  The only word that came to mind as I finished this book was Wow and I have got to get the next book in the series.

Ex-Navy Seal Ethan Kelly is dealing with the one year anniversary of his beloved wife death.  He blames himself and can’t seem to find his way out of the bottle until a package is delivered telling him his wife Rachel is alive. Ethan enlists the help of his brothers special ops group KGI. They find and save Rachel but that is only the beginning of a heart retching story with enough action to keep the reader up all night long.

Maya Banks captures reader from the beginning feeling the loss Ethan’s wife -to wanting to hold Rachel as she cried trying to figure out if she was going crazy and who she could really trust in her life.  Maya Banks created a family everyone dreams of having with strong parents who give up everything to help these they love and come to love.  Brother’s who are larger than life military but retain their humanity and a husband and wife who struggle to find true love once again.

The Darkest Hour is the introduction novel to the KGI series and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. Each brother was introduced along with a cast of other characters but never once did you feel lost in the story because it was so well developed and written.  Maya Banks pulls at your heart strings with ever chapter Rachel is in but you root for her and Ethan to find the love they once had.  Ethan and Rachel’s relationship felt very realistic and extremely heartfelt that I almost felt tears spring from my eyes.  I loved the brothers because they all mattered, no one was extra for the author to fill in space- they were needed at a time and place.
This book packs a punch with action, romance and yes swearing but it also felt natural for the characters and never once forced or oddly out of place.

This book got a 4 1\2 out of 5 because of grammar errors that took me out of the story for just a second.

I found this book at the local online library.


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