I love my Tigger

My five year old daughter has had a head cold for three days and now her little sister has it too. My 5 year old never complains when she is sick and in fact is a little tigger she bounces, dances and jumps everywhere she goes.  So at 2:00 pm today she said her ear hurt and I quickly called the Peds knowing we needed to be seen.  After a quick check of the ears I found out not only does she have a ear infection but one ear is about to rupture and the other one was well on its way. The doctor asked if she was allergic to anything and she announced proudly she is allergenic to penicillin than she hopped off the table and dance, skip and run for her sibling who sweetly watched TV.

The doctor looked at me shrugging his shoulders. “Good Luck with that one. I have a feeling nothing gets her down.”

It’s so true unless she is running 104 temp she never stops moving.

I love my little Tigger!!


Forced Disapperance

indexTitle: Forced Disappearance
Author: Dana Marton
Review:  Glenn Danning, successful business owner and brainiac,  is kidnapped in Venezuela while on “vacation”. His family is concerned and calls for the help of the US government.
Miranda Soto is given her first assignment at Civilian Personal Recovery Unit to bring home the body of Glenn Danning after he had been reported missing for four months.  What Miranda didn’t tell her boss was – that this would be personal because Glenn Danning was her first love while she was at MIT.  Glenn and Miranda were to brainacs that love to do scientific experiments when it came to the human body or in other words they discovered sex for the first time with each other. 10 years has passed since the last time they saw each other and sparks fly as they struggle to escape Venezuela.
Dana Marton created a well crafted story that moved along giving the reader enough information to keep them reading wanting to see what happens.  The book is written from both Miranda and Glenn’s point of views so you are in both characters heads though out the book and to my surprise I wasn’t lost while reading the book.
I’m not sure the author did this on purpose but it was pretty obvious who was the villain in the story and I was pretty sure the reason as well.  I have to admit sometimes I did feel like we were turning our wheels for a chapter but then again the author put away action and focused solely on character build up.
The end felt a little rushed as if the author needed to keep the book under a certain word count.
Advance Copy from Negalley

Review In His Shadow By Tiffany Snow

Snow-InHisShadow_small-266x400Title:  In His Shadow

AuthorTiffany Snow

Review:  Tiffany Snow takes the reader on an endless ride with action, romance, heart felt pain and mystery- everything you have come to know and love about Tiffany Snow is in this book.  The author has the ability to take the reader on a visual mystery never once giving away too much until the right moment and every character has a reason for being in the book.

The protagonist is Ivy and to call her damaged would only be one side of her many faces.  She has the ability to make you want to hug her, scream at her and tell her to run far away from Devon her mysterious Alpha male who has decided he is interested in her. Ivy’s past has made her damage because she can’t seem to find who she is without seeing the scared little girl she once was but as the book progressives she world sacrifice her own life to protect those she cares for and loves to the point of betrayal.  Trust me you will scream at her a few times “Don’t Go There Stupid Girl” and she does go there.

Logan is Ivy’s best friend the only person in the book that seems to have a head on his shoulders but at the same time he makes Ivy Co-dependent on him. Logan is the friend that girls are always looking for but just like Devon there is more to Logan’s feelings for Ivy than just a friendship. He will do anything for her and Devon gets in a few jibs that make you question the past.

Devon, the mysterious man who Ivy meets at her place of work can’t seem to stay away from even though he puts her life in danger man times. Ivy knows that Devon is dangerous but for some crazy reason she can’t seem to run away from him again making herself Co-Dependent again on someone. My only complaint is I hate that he calls her luv -it drives me batty.

The mystery is exciting and will take the readers over the ocean and back home once again.

I would like to see Tiffany Snow help Ivy find her voice so she is able to stand on her own two feet.  I want to see Ivy function without the need of a man or someone taking care of her and I hope the author can see that as well.

The reader will be given many sex scenes that I almost feel the book is 60-75% sex or leading to sex and 25% mystery, giving the book an unbalanced feeling towards the end. Tiffany Snow knows how to write sex scenes leaving the reader all hot and bothered.

The very end of the book will have you cringe but cheering at the same time.  It’s the perfect book to cuddle up with a cup of something warm to realize you will not put it down until you turned the very last page

Cold ok so its not that Cold! Wait Its Cold!

I was listening on the radio as I was picking up my kids from school yesterday and they talked about a Polar Vortex of cold coming in over night. I tried not to laugh first off I live in Arizona the coldest it gets is 35 at night in January with a high of 70. This morning we woke up to 35 degrees and since we didn’t turn on the heater the house was 65 degrees. BURRRYYYYY

The Minnesota girl insides of me can’t stop laughing at I am freezing at 65 degrees. I grew up where it was -65 in the winter for weeks on end and now when its 65 degrees I want to crawl under the covers turn on the heat and hide until it gets to 70.  I even pulled on a sweater and started the hot chocolate!

All you Minnesotan you can hang you head in shame its Ok. 🙂

Now before you start teasing realize my June is 110 part of July is 118-110 and well August, Sept, Oct and part of Nov can range from 80-99 degrees.

So its official after 13 years of  living in Arizona I officially declare I am an Arizona girl!  Now if I could just make the Minnesotan accent disappear.

Stay warm Friends

Gilt Trip By Arlene Kay


Title Gilt Trip

Author: Arlene Kay

Stars 5 out of 5

I hadn’t read the first two books in the Boston Common series so I was hoping I wouldn’t get lost. Arlene Kay gave just enough back story for the readers to be up to date but without giving away pervious mysteries in the other two books. I found Eja, Deming, Anika and the endless cast of characters to be life like so when something happened to the characters I would cheer or cringe.

Eja is a great character because she has flaws, she is proud, works hard and desire to keep her independence even thought her fiancés Deming wants to wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her lock in the house. Deming Swann and Eja are from completely different social scale that causes Eja to question her relationship but she isn’t afraid or too proud to mention it to Deming from time to time. Eja decides to join a DoJo as a wedding present for the man who has everything but instead of working on her kicks she is trying to discover who murdered this woman and why.

Demings mother and partner in crime Anika Swann helps Eja to find out who is the murderer and why. This mystery will have you reading into the night with its snarky humor, the endless questions of who and why. I love a good mystery along with never figuring out who the murder is until the very end of the book. However I little disappointed because the author had so many fingers pointing into too many directions that when the murder is discovered it was anticlimactic and almost a low point in a fun book. I didn’t guess who was behind the murders and I guess for that reason alone it made it a great murder mystery because who likes figuring out the murder in the first few chapters.

I love the humor, subtle jokes Eja sends towards Deming along with her jealousy towards he’s endless ex-girlfriends. Who make appearances though out the book reminding Eja she won’t last as Deming tells her he waited a long time for her and she isn’t going anywhere.

This is a fun mystery series that will be added among my go to books when I want something fun to read.

ARC From Netgallery.

Book Review – Full Throttle – Julie Ann Walker

Julie ANNI read four of Julie Ann Walker previous Black Knight series and to be honest after the first they all read the same so I ended up not reading the rest of the series from my local library.
They start out the same boy meets girl, girl has a thing for boy, fight, battle, mystery, one night to remember each other and boy can’t live without girl and tries to prove it.  The mystery or suspense was good but not enough to get me to read anymore of her books. However I received Full Throttle as an ARC and I decided to give her books one more chance and boy was I surprised how different this book was from the other four I had read.  The book was cute, fun, spicy, and full of one liners.
Abby Thompson didn’t sign up to be the daughter of the President of the United States it was forced on her when her dad took the job.  She just wanted a normal quite life instead she had a dad who made enemies around the world.  When a group of armed thugs took her hostage -half a world away her father sent in the best to find her and the best is her friend Carlos- a  Black Knight agent.
Carlo’s had been head over heels for the sweet cute Abby Thompson but since he grew up on the wrong sides of the tracks he figures they don’t belong together but he could always be her friend except after the loses the one person who connect them both.
Julie Ann Walker write Abby Thompson to be the all American girl and she did with her constant one liners that even had me laughing down to her sweet appearance.  “She noticed something poking into her lower belly, about to cause her full bladder to burst wide open. “Is th-that an extra magazine in y-your pocket?” she asked. “Or are you j-just happy to see me?” This is an over used line in books, tv show and movies but the author made you laugh because as Abby asked this question- Carlo pulls out an extra magazine clip.  Another funny and great moment is with ants and I won’t ruin it for you but again it was pretty funny and another reason I enjoyed this book from beginning to the very last page.
Abby is a half glass full type of girl which makes her even more loveable so no matter what happens though out the book her rolls with the punches. The friendship the author created at the beginning of the book made the book more believable and again created many moments where you will find yourself laughing and sighing as well.
Instead of the one moment of passion which is still there both characters know they love the other one and it isn’t some major revelation it is simple and sweet and to be honest perfect. I was more than happy to see the author switch things up in her writing style and I hope this is what she has planned for her future books.
There is sex, swearing and enough action to keep you reading into the late hours of the night.