Blamed Blood Money #1 By Edie Harris

BlamedTitle Blamed Blood Money #1
Edie Harris
Stars 5 out 5


Beth Faraday started her teenage years a little different than most because at 16 she carried out her first hit for hire and since than has become on of the most feared assassins.  Than one day after a job went south Beth decided to walk away and create a normal life for herself. She owns a condo, dates chefs but every night she still sleeps with a gun under her pillow.  One night she realize the life she left behind has followed her to her new home and Beth is forced to flee the with follow MI6 agent back into the world she left behind with the support of her family.

Where to start this book has everything a suspense novel should have. Sexy Spies, really creepy villains, supportive family, exotic locations, smart dialog that keeps the story moving forward and enough action to keep the reader reading until the very last page and than will have the reader beg for more.

Beth is a well thought out character with flaws, big heart, and moment that will pull at your heart strings. Edie Harries created a character that will have the reading crying along side with as she struggles with her heart and mind.  Everything about Beth is believable the way she enter acts with her brothers, sister and father. The way she converse with the MI6 agent and the way she struggles to survive and keep the life she has created. Edie Harris made Beth come off the pages to the point the readers feels as if they are in the room with her while she was getting tortured. 
The author telling of Beth’s story amazing, well thought out and the characters popped off the page making the reader to want more even after the last page is turned.

The book has sex, swearing and violence which all seem to flow natural throughout the book.  I will admit I am on pins and needles waiting for the next book in the series.

ARC Set to me from Netgallery


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