Gilt Trip By Arlene Kay


Title Gilt Trip

Author: Arlene Kay

Stars 5 out of 5

I hadn’t read the first two books in the Boston Common series so I was hoping I wouldn’t get lost. Arlene Kay gave just enough back story for the readers to be up to date but without giving away pervious mysteries in the other two books. I found Eja, Deming, Anika and the endless cast of characters to be life like so when something happened to the characters I would cheer or cringe.

Eja is a great character because she has flaws, she is proud, works hard and desire to keep her independence even thought her fiancés Deming wants to wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her lock in the house. Deming Swann and Eja are from completely different social scale that causes Eja to question her relationship but she isn’t afraid or too proud to mention it to Deming from time to time. Eja decides to join a DoJo as a wedding present for the man who has everything but instead of working on her kicks she is trying to discover who murdered this woman and why.

Demings mother and partner in crime Anika Swann helps Eja to find out who is the murderer and why. This mystery will have you reading into the night with its snarky humor, the endless questions of who and why. I love a good mystery along with never figuring out who the murder is until the very end of the book. However I little disappointed because the author had so many fingers pointing into too many directions that when the murder is discovered it was anticlimactic and almost a low point in a fun book. I didn’t guess who was behind the murders and I guess for that reason alone it made it a great murder mystery because who likes figuring out the murder in the first few chapters.

I love the humor, subtle jokes Eja sends towards Deming along with her jealousy towards he’s endless ex-girlfriends. Who make appearances though out the book reminding Eja she won’t last as Deming tells her he waited a long time for her and she isn’t going anywhere.

This is a fun mystery series that will be added among my go to books when I want something fun to read.

ARC From Netgallery.


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