Cold ok so its not that Cold! Wait Its Cold!

I was listening on the radio as I was picking up my kids from school yesterday and they talked about a Polar Vortex of cold coming in over night. I tried not to laugh first off I live in Arizona the coldest it gets is 35 at night in January with a high of 70. This morning we woke up to 35 degrees and since we didn’t turn on the heater the house was 65 degrees. BURRRYYYYY

The Minnesota girl insides of me can’t stop laughing at I am freezing at 65 degrees. I grew up where it was -65 in the winter for weeks on end and now when its 65 degrees I want to crawl under the covers turn on the heat and hide until it gets to 70.  I even pulled on a sweater and started the hot chocolate!

All you Minnesotan you can hang you head in shame its Ok. 🙂

Now before you start teasing realize my June is 110 part of July is 118-110 and well August, Sept, Oct and part of Nov can range from 80-99 degrees.

So its official after 13 years of  living in Arizona I officially declare I am an Arizona girl!  Now if I could just make the Minnesotan accent disappear.

Stay warm Friends


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