Review In His Shadow By Tiffany Snow

Snow-InHisShadow_small-266x400Title:  In His Shadow

AuthorTiffany Snow

Review:  Tiffany Snow takes the reader on an endless ride with action, romance, heart felt pain and mystery- everything you have come to know and love about Tiffany Snow is in this book.  The author has the ability to take the reader on a visual mystery never once giving away too much until the right moment and every character has a reason for being in the book.

The protagonist is Ivy and to call her damaged would only be one side of her many faces.  She has the ability to make you want to hug her, scream at her and tell her to run far away from Devon her mysterious Alpha male who has decided he is interested in her. Ivy’s past has made her damage because she can’t seem to find who she is without seeing the scared little girl she once was but as the book progressives she world sacrifice her own life to protect those she cares for and loves to the point of betrayal.  Trust me you will scream at her a few times “Don’t Go There Stupid Girl” and she does go there.

Logan is Ivy’s best friend the only person in the book that seems to have a head on his shoulders but at the same time he makes Ivy Co-dependent on him. Logan is the friend that girls are always looking for but just like Devon there is more to Logan’s feelings for Ivy than just a friendship. He will do anything for her and Devon gets in a few jibs that make you question the past.

Devon, the mysterious man who Ivy meets at her place of work can’t seem to stay away from even though he puts her life in danger man times. Ivy knows that Devon is dangerous but for some crazy reason she can’t seem to run away from him again making herself Co-Dependent again on someone. My only complaint is I hate that he calls her luv -it drives me batty.

The mystery is exciting and will take the readers over the ocean and back home once again.

I would like to see Tiffany Snow help Ivy find her voice so she is able to stand on her own two feet.  I want to see Ivy function without the need of a man or someone taking care of her and I hope the author can see that as well.

The reader will be given many sex scenes that I almost feel the book is 60-75% sex or leading to sex and 25% mystery, giving the book an unbalanced feeling towards the end. Tiffany Snow knows how to write sex scenes leaving the reader all hot and bothered.

The very end of the book will have you cringe but cheering at the same time.  It’s the perfect book to cuddle up with a cup of something warm to realize you will not put it down until you turned the very last page


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