Forced Disapperance

indexTitle: Forced Disappearance
Author: Dana Marton
Review:  Glenn Danning, successful business owner and brainiac,  is kidnapped in Venezuela while on “vacation”. His family is concerned and calls for the help of the US government.
Miranda Soto is given her first assignment at Civilian Personal Recovery Unit to bring home the body of Glenn Danning after he had been reported missing for four months.  What Miranda didn’t tell her boss was – that this would be personal because Glenn Danning was her first love while she was at MIT.  Glenn and Miranda were to brainacs that love to do scientific experiments when it came to the human body or in other words they discovered sex for the first time with each other. 10 years has passed since the last time they saw each other and sparks fly as they struggle to escape Venezuela.
Dana Marton created a well crafted story that moved along giving the reader enough information to keep them reading wanting to see what happens.  The book is written from both Miranda and Glenn’s point of views so you are in both characters heads though out the book and to my surprise I wasn’t lost while reading the book.
I’m not sure the author did this on purpose but it was pretty obvious who was the villain in the story and I was pretty sure the reason as well.  I have to admit sometimes I did feel like we were turning our wheels for a chapter but then again the author put away action and focused solely on character build up.
The end felt a little rushed as if the author needed to keep the book under a certain word count.
Advance Copy from Negalley

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