I love my Tigger

My five year old daughter has had a head cold for three days and now her little sister has it too. My 5 year old never complains when she is sick and in fact is a little tigger she bounces, dances and jumps everywhere she goes.  So at 2:00 pm today she said her ear hurt and I quickly called the Peds knowing we needed to be seen.  After a quick check of the ears I found out not only does she have a ear infection but one ear is about to rupture and the other one was well on its way. The doctor asked if she was allergic to anything and she announced proudly she is allergenic to penicillin than she hopped off the table and dance, skip and run for her sibling who sweetly watched TV.

The doctor looked at me shrugging his shoulders. “Good Luck with that one. I have a feeling nothing gets her down.”

It’s so true unless she is running 104 temp she never stops moving.

I love my little Tigger!!


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