Book Review Down and Dirty

Author: Liliana Hart
Stars: 4 out of 5
I fell in love with this series when I picked up book one Dirty Little Secret and couldn’t put the book down because it was so different the Addison Holmes series. The J.J. Graves series are darker and grittier but still has the romance you have come to know and love from Liliana Hart.
If you read the synopsis and read the book you question if you read the same novel that was present because yes her father returns for a page or two, I don’t remember any bodies in Rose bushes or a note and the bunker body is not addressed at all.  I love this author but there were so many inconsistencies in the book that I wanted to just shake my head and groan. OK I totally shook my head and groaned because I love JJ in the first two books but how tall is her really?
Before I start a new book in the series I go back and start the series all over again J.J is average height, average weight than she grows to 5’7 and now she is 5’8. Please tell me as I get older I will get taller because that would totally make my day. The dead bodies went from five to only really talking about four and I think they only ended up burying three so what happened to the fifth body? Did they eat it? I hate inconsistencies because it makes me feel like the author doesn’t feel her readers are smart enough to see the lack of focus in their writing.
So take away the silly height thing you have J.J and Jack have a fight which they quickly resolve and I was grateful for but they never really covered either of their PTSD.  I also love how they wrapped up the murder in three days so JJ and Jack could get married. Trust me with Double spies, teen lovers, government no way would it be wrapped up in three days. I felt everything was rushed and trust me I could have waited for a more complete novel from Liliana Hart them the one I bought. This novel was a mash up with some good parts, sweet parts and others parts that left me scratching my head.
The Author brought in Jack’s mom and the always fun Carter but she left out Eddie and Dickie who were part of the group from the beginning and I couldn’t understand why they were not involved in the book or the wedding at all.
Lilian Hart has a wonder grasp of dialogue but if you can’t remember who or what your characters are than you leave readers angry annoyed and wondering if the series is worth reading.
Bought this book.

Review Hollywood on Tap Sweet Salvation Brewery #2 By Avery Flynn

Title: Hollywood on Tap Sweet Salvation Brewery #2
Author: Avery Flynn
Stars 5 out of 5
Sean O’Dell has found a love and its Sweet Salvation Brewery but he also has a secret he would like to keep hidden at one point he was Hollywood Heartthrob but left it all behind to find something he loved creating the perfect beer.
Natalie Sweet comes home to help her older sister run Sweet Salvation Brewery with her endless clip boards, flow charts, sweater sets and her crazy way she can get anyone organized even the walking destroy Sean O’Dell.
Avery Flynn creates an entertaining over the top romantic mystery that I was unable to put down until I finished the book.  Natalie is a triplet who just happens to have enough anxiety issues to drive a normal person insane. When a person starts to sabotages her brewery she tries to keep her head on she shoulders even though her anxiety is fighting to keep her locked in her office.  Instead of hiding away she and Sean work hard to discover who is trying to destroy her lively hood and his dream of creating the perfect blended beer.  I love the way the Avery Flynns created fun banter between Natalie and Sean and I will admit it even had me smiling and laughing.
I loved that Sean walked away from the lime light and his mystery of why was compelling and believable again creating characters who came alive on the page.
This was my first book in the Sweet Salvation Series and I plan on picking up book one and I can’t wait to read Olivia’s Story. I picked up this book because an author friend recommended the series.

Even as a joke never ever buy this as a Christmas present.

What Not to buy your wife

What Not to buy your wife

This Christmas has been a little hard because its the first holiday without my mother in law aka Grandma.  I decided to host dinner and try to make the day a little more fun and a day of remembrance. Two of my kids had a nasty head cold, nephew was throwing up and I ended up getting the same head cold but pushed though it.  Christmas morning arrived and I watched my husband open gifts I had research, hunted down and even contract a company in Japan. (They don’t Speak English and I do not speak Japanese. Thankfully for Language converter.) I opened a big pink Grandma Robe my husband says it looks warm.  I was speechless. I mean I couldn’t even say one word because I was so shocked my husband would every think I would want something that my 97 year old grandma received for Christmas this year. (My sister bought her one.)  He bought me lights for the bathroom, running shoes and a computer. As the day ended he asked me why I was so upset and I explained it was a grandma robe and he said it was I thought you might like it because you are always so cold.  I cried.  I cried because this was the very last item I would ever want.  I might be turning 36 in a few weeks but I am not THAT OLD!

Yesterday I decided every night my husband comes home I will be wearing this ultra sexy robe. He couldn’t stop laughing as the kids told him I looked like a cuddle dumpling, and my personal favorite I look like a soft Elephant. (After all what women in her 30’s doesn’t want to be told she looks like a dumpling or better yet Elephant?)  He add that I look like a stick of pink bubble gun as tears ran down his eyes. Than my husband said “You are going to use this for all its worth?” Since I lost my voice throughout the day so I could only smile and nod.

Yes every day he comes home from work I will be wearing my soft, pink cuddle robe with my grandma slippers he bought me before our first child.

So men NEVER buy this robe for your wife, girlfriend, or grandmother unless she is 97 years old and only cares about staying warm because Trust me you might never have sex again.

Review Deadly Fallout BY Katie Rues


Title: Deadly Fallout

Author: Katie Reus

Stars 4 out of 5


Deadly Fallout is the 10th book in the Red Stone Security series. Since I am new to this series I was grateful to find I wasn’t lost with all the different characters and found myself interested in finding out more about the romance between the other characters.

Dr. Zoe Hansen worked as an ER doctor until another doctor couldn’t take no for an answer. She left not telling her family why and starts working for another medical practices where she was finally able to breathe until her stalker is murdered and she is arrested for the crime.

Former Navy Seal Sawyer McCabe joins Red Stone Security after retiring from the Navy Seals at the old age of 37. His first job is to watch Zoe’s back but soon find himself falling for the feisty doctor and decided to be able to keep her safe is to move her away from everyone she know and trust.

Deadly Fallout is a quick read with around 180 pages but from page one to page 180 you will be pulled into a hot fast romance with enough mystery to be called Romantic Suspense. The Author gives you a few twist and if you pay enough attention you will figure out who is the stalker when the person is introduced but at the same time the story moves forward keeping the reader engaged to find out the who and why. You find yourself caring for the people in Zoe’s life and grateful she is smart enough to know when to stay and when to move. I dislike the Romantic Suspense novels where you scream at the heroin who refuses to listen thankful Katie Reus writes Zoe who is strong but has a head on her shoulders.

What I felt the book was lacking was meat I personal desire in my Romantic Suspense novels with that being said this is a fast easy read to curl up on your couch for an afternoon. There is sex and more sex as well and language.

Advance Copy Sent from Netgalley

Review The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg


Title:  The Job

Author Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Stars 5 out of 5

Review:  I started Fox and O’Hare Novels about eight months ago and enjoyed the first two novels.  They reminded me of all the exciting movies and TV chase series I have seen. Fun, light with just enough action to keep the reader interested.  The Job has got to be hands down the best in the series so far.  I found myself laughing so many times I would read the passages out loud to anyone around me as I kept laughing.  The interaction and development of Jake, Kate’s father, will have the readers nonstop laughing and you can’t help but love Jake.  For example:

 “Nick Grinned ‘Kate prefers a loaded gun next to her bed.’

‘Is that all?’ Jake asked Kate. ‘Where’s your hand grenade?’

‘I don’t have a hand grenade.’

‘What happened to the one I give you for Christmas?’

‘I forgot about that,” she said. “I guess it’s around the apartment somewhere.”

That interaction is just the beginning of the laughs you will have between Jake and Kate.

Nick is handsome and dashing as always and I hope that the next book dives deeper into why Nick is the way he is because so far he is slightly flat. I am looking for the history of Nick and we were given a small glance in this book.

I enjoyed that Kate seems to be growing as a character and the reader will wonder with her as she tries to figure out where she belongs in the world.  You also get a glimpse into who Kate is and her past in the military.  I can’t wait for more character development in the next book in the series.

The con is as brilliant as always but this time Kate seems to handle going against the law with a little more ease.  I love the cast of characters and how each one interacts with Kate, Jake and Nick. Every characters has a purpose but sometimes you feel like they get a little throw away without a second thought just like the light fun crime shows.

Copy from Netgalley.

Review Hour of Need By Melinda Leigh

Title: Hour of Need
Review:  Major Grant Barrett receives news that is older brother Lee and his wife have been murdered in his home town of Scarlet Falls leaving behind 6 year old son and a cranky 4 month old baby girl. Grant quickly goes home to find everything he knew about his brother might have been a fake. When someone tries to kidnap the children and their babysitter Grant decides to become the law and find out what happened to his Brother.
Readers are introduced to quite a few characters if Hour of Need and each come with their own back story but instead of throwing it all at you the author takes her time introducing each character at the perfect point so the reader is never lost. The Melinda creates a world where the reader is invested into a series without ever knowing it happened until you finish this book desiring to find out what happened to everyone else. I can’t wait to read about Hannah and learn more about Mac. Grants other siblings.
The author created some light moments with the baby and how a Major in the army has no idea how to take care of his brother children.  Being a mom I found I could totally relate to the feelings of overwhelmed and the humor in feeding and changing a babies diapers causing.
As the investigation continues the reader is along for the ride uncovering more the story which because more complex and changes from a simple loss of a loved one to a fast pace mystery keeping the reader hooked until the end of the novel.
The Author Melinda Leigh write a great balance of suspense, mystery and romance that work perfectly in sync.
Advance Copy from NetGalley