Review Hour of Need By Melinda Leigh

Title: Hour of Need
Review:  Major Grant Barrett receives news that is older brother Lee and his wife have been murdered in his home town of Scarlet Falls leaving behind 6 year old son and a cranky 4 month old baby girl. Grant quickly goes home to find everything he knew about his brother might have been a fake. When someone tries to kidnap the children and their babysitter Grant decides to become the law and find out what happened to his Brother.
Readers are introduced to quite a few characters if Hour of Need and each come with their own back story but instead of throwing it all at you the author takes her time introducing each character at the perfect point so the reader is never lost. The Melinda creates a world where the reader is invested into a series without ever knowing it happened until you finish this book desiring to find out what happened to everyone else. I can’t wait to read about Hannah and learn more about Mac. Grants other siblings.
The author created some light moments with the baby and how a Major in the army has no idea how to take care of his brother children.  Being a mom I found I could totally relate to the feelings of overwhelmed and the humor in feeding and changing a babies diapers causing.
As the investigation continues the reader is along for the ride uncovering more the story which because more complex and changes from a simple loss of a loved one to a fast pace mystery keeping the reader hooked until the end of the novel.
The Author Melinda Leigh write a great balance of suspense, mystery and romance that work perfectly in sync.
Advance Copy from NetGalley

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