Review The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg


Title:  The Job

Author Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Stars 5 out of 5

Review:  I started Fox and O’Hare Novels about eight months ago and enjoyed the first two novels.  They reminded me of all the exciting movies and TV chase series I have seen. Fun, light with just enough action to keep the reader interested.  The Job has got to be hands down the best in the series so far.  I found myself laughing so many times I would read the passages out loud to anyone around me as I kept laughing.  The interaction and development of Jake, Kate’s father, will have the readers nonstop laughing and you can’t help but love Jake.  For example:

 “Nick Grinned ‘Kate prefers a loaded gun next to her bed.’

‘Is that all?’ Jake asked Kate. ‘Where’s your hand grenade?’

‘I don’t have a hand grenade.’

‘What happened to the one I give you for Christmas?’

‘I forgot about that,” she said. “I guess it’s around the apartment somewhere.”

That interaction is just the beginning of the laughs you will have between Jake and Kate.

Nick is handsome and dashing as always and I hope that the next book dives deeper into why Nick is the way he is because so far he is slightly flat. I am looking for the history of Nick and we were given a small glance in this book.

I enjoyed that Kate seems to be growing as a character and the reader will wonder with her as she tries to figure out where she belongs in the world.  You also get a glimpse into who Kate is and her past in the military.  I can’t wait for more character development in the next book in the series.

The con is as brilliant as always but this time Kate seems to handle going against the law with a little more ease.  I love the cast of characters and how each one interacts with Kate, Jake and Nick. Every characters has a purpose but sometimes you feel like they get a little throw away without a second thought just like the light fun crime shows.

Copy from Netgalley.


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