Review Deadly Fallout BY Katie Rues


Title: Deadly Fallout

Author: Katie Reus

Stars 4 out of 5


Deadly Fallout is the 10th book in the Red Stone Security series. Since I am new to this series I was grateful to find I wasn’t lost with all the different characters and found myself interested in finding out more about the romance between the other characters.

Dr. Zoe Hansen worked as an ER doctor until another doctor couldn’t take no for an answer. She left not telling her family why and starts working for another medical practices where she was finally able to breathe until her stalker is murdered and she is arrested for the crime.

Former Navy Seal Sawyer McCabe joins Red Stone Security after retiring from the Navy Seals at the old age of 37. His first job is to watch Zoe’s back but soon find himself falling for the feisty doctor and decided to be able to keep her safe is to move her away from everyone she know and trust.

Deadly Fallout is a quick read with around 180 pages but from page one to page 180 you will be pulled into a hot fast romance with enough mystery to be called Romantic Suspense. The Author gives you a few twist and if you pay enough attention you will figure out who is the stalker when the person is introduced but at the same time the story moves forward keeping the reader engaged to find out the who and why. You find yourself caring for the people in Zoe’s life and grateful she is smart enough to know when to stay and when to move. I dislike the Romantic Suspense novels where you scream at the heroin who refuses to listen thankful Katie Reus writes Zoe who is strong but has a head on her shoulders.

What I felt the book was lacking was meat I personal desire in my Romantic Suspense novels with that being said this is a fast easy read to curl up on your couch for an afternoon. There is sex and more sex as well and language.

Advance Copy Sent from Netgalley


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