Even as a joke never ever buy this as a Christmas present.

What Not to buy your wife

What Not to buy your wife

This Christmas has been a little hard because its the first holiday without my mother in law aka Grandma.  I decided to host dinner and try to make the day a little more fun and a day of remembrance. Two of my kids had a nasty head cold, nephew was throwing up and I ended up getting the same head cold but pushed though it.  Christmas morning arrived and I watched my husband open gifts I had research, hunted down and even contract a company in Japan. (They don’t Speak English and I do not speak Japanese. Thankfully for Language converter.) I opened a big pink Grandma Robe my husband says it looks warm.  I was speechless. I mean I couldn’t even say one word because I was so shocked my husband would every think I would want something that my 97 year old grandma received for Christmas this year. (My sister bought her one.)  He bought me lights for the bathroom, running shoes and a computer. As the day ended he asked me why I was so upset and I explained it was a grandma robe and he said it was I thought you might like it because you are always so cold.  I cried.  I cried because this was the very last item I would ever want.  I might be turning 36 in a few weeks but I am not THAT OLD!

Yesterday I decided every night my husband comes home I will be wearing this ultra sexy robe. He couldn’t stop laughing as the kids told him I looked like a cuddle dumpling, and my personal favorite I look like a soft Elephant. (After all what women in her 30’s doesn’t want to be told she looks like a dumpling or better yet Elephant?)  He add that I look like a stick of pink bubble gun as tears ran down his eyes. Than my husband said “You are going to use this for all its worth?” Since I lost my voice throughout the day so I could only smile and nod.

Yes every day he comes home from work I will be wearing my soft, pink cuddle robe with my grandma slippers he bought me before our first child.

So men NEVER buy this robe for your wife, girlfriend, or grandmother unless she is 97 years old and only cares about staying warm because Trust me you might never have sex again.


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